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The Biscuit Queen

I am not leaving the board, I am avoiding Typhon.  I didn't make it clear, my fault, that I will stop posting in answer to her. Of course the rules say it is acceptable to have a discussion with one person, but apparently we are causing problems.

Dr E,  I never questioned your call on ignoring Typhon's insults. I am a big girl, I can handle myself. I did call Daks on it, because he brought it up. Of course the insults were all in the other thread. This thread has remained civil for the most part, and I have no complaints.  

Perhaps what could be done is make another page for non-men's rights issues. Then abortion, 'energy' theories, and the such can all be on a board where those who do not want to have to deal with them can just not go to that section.  This entire thread has nothing to do with men's rights.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.

dr e

Dr E, I never questioned your call on ignoring Typhon's insults. I am a big girl, I can handle myself.  

Actually my call was to ignore both of your acrimonious comments to each other, not just Typhon's.
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Quote from: "daksdaddy"
The unfortunate reality is; your discussions have  taken over and even subdued other postings.

You're right. There are quite of few interesting points that have been overshadowed.

So here goes nothing...

Quote from: "LST8000"
Oooh it seems that it is actually the opposite:
Quote from: ""

Segregation of the total REG database described above into male and female operator
components reveals several striking disparities. As evident in Figure 4, although three of the
female operators have produced the largest individual z-scores, the overall correlations of mean
shifts with intention are much weaker for the females than for the males. In fact, while a
majority of the males succeed in both directions of effort, most of the females' low intention
results are opposite to intention. Specifically, some 66% of the male operators succeed in
separating their overall HI and LO scores in the intended direction, compared to only 34% of the
females. In other words, there is some indication that the total operator performance distribution
has three components: a) three outstanding female datasets; b) 38 female datasets indistinguishable
from a chance distribution; and c) 50 well-distributed male datasets compounding to
significant positive performance.

I just want to say that the P.E.A.R. lab sounds so damn cool. If it's still around I think I'll apply to work there as a grad (I wonder if it's engineers only, or can a lowly B.Sc apply? :D)

Okay, now for your points LST...

First, the men *did* do better on the tests on average, but there was a minority of women who did better then all the men. So maybe that's where the idea of "magical" females come from, from the minority of women who are significantly more gifted.

Second of all, you'll notice that where the women fell flat was the "opposite to intention" part of the test.

Here's an abstract of the paper "Gender Difference in Human/Machine Anomalies."

Quote from: ""

Gender Difference in Human/Machine Anomalies
B.J. Dunne (1998)

Assessment of 270 individual databases produced by 135 human operators in five local and four remote human/machine anomalies experiments conducted in the PEAR laboratory between 1979 and 1993 reveals significant gender-related differences in performance.  The 140 databases produced by 62 females are much larger on average than the 130 produced by 73 males, but the average male results display significantly stronger correlations with the operators' pre-recorded intentions to shift the output distribution means of a variety of random devices to higher or lower values.  Both groups demonstrate greater success in the high-intention efforts than in the low, but whereas a majority of the males succeed in both directions of effort, producing intentional results that are relatively symmetrical in comparison with their empirical baselines, most of the females' low-intention results are opposite to intention and their baselines tend to high values.  The female data also frequently display larger score distribution variances.  These gender-related patterns are more pronounced in five local experiments than in four remote databases.  No gender differences are found in the two experiments that yield null overall results, suggesting that the gender-related patterns observed in the successful experiments are indicative characteristics of the primary human/machine anomalies.

What this says, essentially, is that although women some ability able to enhance a phenomena (create more anomalies), men were more able to oppose it (reduce anomalies) as well as enhance it.

If you think about it, that means women have some ability (but not as much as men) to "build something up" but not to tear it down or oppose it.


Hmmm well then i guess it doesn't explain it. :--)
Perhaps energy vampirism is not related to the ability to affect random generators ?

Ok well i am no energy worker or anything, so perhaps typhonblue could enlighten us here.

For example let's assume that all people have an energy manipulation ability = EMA. (Just an abbreviation that i made to make things easier)
Is there such a thing as "EMA strength level" ?

Sounds fine to me.

Yes. The article suggests that some individuals are considerablly better at EMA, at least in regards to electronic devices.  


Does the EMA strength level depend on how much energy someone has ? (If someone has their energy drained, will that weaken their EMA ?)
Does draining energy from someone require effort ? Does it expend energy too ?

From my experience and what I've read of other people's ideas, all that an energy drain requires is the feeling that someone has a negative form of control over you* and that you think about them.* In other words they are elevated above you, but even if they are, if you dont think about them, no drain. There was a book I read recently done by a woman who does energy work for corperations. (I'd post the title but I'm not at home.) She says that in a hiearchical structure energy flows upwards.

But, hiearchies can also be created that have nothing to do with getting anything done. I'm sure most people here have had the exprience of a woman (or sometimes man) who seems to have nearly everyone under her thumb and constantly capitulating to her often irrational demands on their time, space and energy, just to avoid an outburst of nastiness. Essentially people are walking on eggshells around her. I've encountered these tyrants at work and school. I've even seen them plying their trade in the reality t.v. shows I watch (mostly moster garage, home renovation, motorcycle shop type stuff.)

One example was a woman from the front office of a motorcycle garage who demanded the technicians stop and clean up a spill. It didn't matter that they were on a deadline, or that they would most likely spill again at some point so they should just wait till they were done. She insisted. And they capitulated. They did it to avoid getting into an argument, even though it cost them considerable time. But, if you asked the woman, she would probably self-righteously say that it was a health hazard that needed to be cleaned up *immediately* (it wasn't).  

I don't think the people who are doing the draining really use a lot of energy. Maybe innitially in setting up a harvesting operation or a web (usually through emotional manipulation and intimidation) but after the set up, the fact that everyone is revolving around them and constantly thinking about them is what gives them energy and requires no effort on their part.


If that is so, then is it possible for a vampire to drain more energy from their victim than they spend for the draining process ? Or do they just recycle it ? And what is the point then ?

There is no point. And usually energy vampires choose victims that already have the particular conduits that they like to use, self-consciousness, anger, chivalry, self-loathing... a lot of victims come pre-made.


Does a person that is trying to drain energy from someone have to have a stronger EMA than their victim ?

No. Thats like saying we have to be stronger then an elephant in order to force one to do what we want. I don't think psychic vampires use EMA to get energy, they simply set up situations where everyone is thinking about them and soak it up. In fact most psychic vampires are rather weak in terms of EMA, in my experience. The constant focus on getting others attention doesn't leave them much time to cultivate the self-mastery nessisary for a high level of EMA. It does the opposite.


I don't know anything about this stuff so sorry if my questions look stupid...

I think they're good questions.

*There are many ways to create a sense of control. In fact we have "conduits" for energy draining built into us from birth. Politeness, familial responsibilities, chivalry, the "life script", protestant work ethic, etc. are all ways we loose energy.
*The process of thinking about someone sends energy to them.


I Said:

Both have good points, however, this is not a forum for personal attacks.

Dr Evil Said:
Daksdaddy if you have a concern about a particular post or comment feel free to talk about it here. My reading of this thread so far is that there has been some sniping back and forth but it doesn't seem like full personal attacks. I'd be open to hearing your views.

The Biscuit Queen Said:
If other people would like me to stop posting, I will. I have not been insulting, or attacking. I have been careful not to attack typhon, but debate her idea. Obviously, that is not what some people here want. I could have said what I really think about her personally, but that would be attacking her personally. So I had been very careful to shred her position, not her character. Daks, where were you when I was refered to as "loose" "getting around" etc. Those were personal comments, which did not have place in the debate. That didn't bother you?

My husband is so bored with Typhon he won't even read her posts. People like her is the reason he left here two years ago, and why you don't see him posting much now. I guess in order to protect all the hesitant posters I am subduing, I will do the same. I thought I was done with these people when I stopped living on the commune.

The content is not what i was questioning, It's that when BC and Typhon enter into a debate, Thier debate becomes the "CENTER", The original thread becomes muddied and murky.

Perhaps I'm wrong..., I dont think so though. The arguments between BC and Typhon are kind of on topic but not quite, "I think".

BC, Typhon, Dr Evil, This was not meant as an attack, "of any kind", but just "Me" making an observation.

Dr Evil. "I" could be wrong, but it does seem to me that some of the posts between BC and Typhon were personal attacks, veiled, but still there. We see things differently, You and I. You recently banned (i think it was, "fimiton"). I certainly didnt agree with your decision (to ban fimiton), but It was your decision. I was merely pointing out my views.

Thanks for your consideration "The Biscuit Queen", "Typhonblue" and "Dr. Evil"
t is perhaps a terrible thing to say, but "rights and freedoms we are not willing to fight for are rights and freedoms we don't deserve."


I just need to say one more thing.

If i come across as arrogant, please chalk it up to "honesty".

Thats all I have left.
t is perhaps a terrible thing to say, but "rights and freedoms we are not willing to fight for are rights and freedoms we don't deserve."

Double Jeopardy


dr e

Daksdaddy - I am more than happy to hear your concerns about posts on this board that you may see as being out of line.  I need you to be very specific.  Just commenting generally doesn't give me much to go on.  If there are posts that you see as personal attacks please bring those up and copy and paste.

I think we can expect a bit of animosity during a discussion about a volatile topic.  The question of when that crosses a line into personal attacks is one that is not so simple.  Please feel free to chime in when you see something that seems over the top.  When you do it will be helpful to me if you are very specific.

Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.

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