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Started by Gabriel, Nov 03, 2004, 10:15 PM

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For those of you think Asian women are so great, I have some bad news.
They are not.

I am currently getting another degree and there are three married women that have done everything to get me except ask me to ...

Two are Asian, one chinense the other korean. Both cute enough to do, but they are married with one son each, for starters I won't do that to someone else. And if I were interested in anything beyond a decent fuck, I would say if  they would do that to their husbands, they will do the same to me in a heart beat.

The third married women is not attractive.

Anyway, these women are becoming obsessive. The asians are calling me at my house to ask for "help" on their homework. The Korean left a message and got a bit annoyed that I didn't call her back - talk about delusional, I could give a crap about calling her back, but she apparently believe I should call her back write away. What ever.

Bitches are crazy.  This trend with married women becoming whores and sleeping around is out of control, with the cover of the Newsweek a few weeks back and now this. I really should say becoming known, but shh this is the first time its happened...


Ya know what??

We should all fuck like Bunnies, if we can.
May be able to raise them even.
Maybe use the "genepool" to our advantage??
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Did you try to tell them that they shouldn't be doing this since they are married.
o pity for feminazis.

Double Jeopardy

I wonder if any of these women where of the mail order bride variety?



Build a as much of a paper and electronic trail with these women as fast as you can.  You may soon find yourself facing false accusations of sexual harassment or rape.  Remember the guy who was falsely accused of rape because he didn't cuddle?  If any of these gals get caught by their husband(s), they might look for a target for a false accusation in an attempt to cover for themselves.

Cover your ass, man.
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Alpha Male

I'm with Thomas.

To his list I would add writing down when and where you went places (your alibi) and making sure you are never alone with them (keep things public).
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When i was dating a fella, he, his brother and i would run around together.  Well, the brother was interested in finding himself a girlfriend to run around with.  The three of us were sitting in a bar, when the brother decided to go downstairs and scope the place out.   It was early, wasn't even 10 yet - and the place didn't start jumping 'till around 11.

Hardly a minute later, the brother comes back upstairs.  He was a bit disgusted.  We asked.  He said, "they're all married!"

Well, had to check out the situation for myself.  Went downstairs, and the only people (less than a dozen - it was still early) there were women.   And they weren't too happy to see yet another female walk down the stairs.

Sir Jessy of Anti

The other night I was sitting at the bar, talking to two couples from the US.   Both of the women were hitting on me, while their husbands were sitting right there!  It eventually got so bad that one guy said, 'we're going to bed now' (this was a resort) and literally dragged his wife out of the bar after his wife drunkenly intimated that another woman there was better looking, and that I would want the other woman instead of her.  

I just cannot believe the audacity of these women.
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My grandmother once told me - "A woman can only do what you let her do."  It seems she was right.  These women get away with this sort of nonsense because their boyfriends/husbands are too weak to kick their skanky asses to the curb.      :roll:
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Double Jeopardy

Don't you know that is called empowerment, Sir Jessy? You were supposed to validate her worth and fawn all over her so her husband could get jealous. He will probably get lectured because she thinks you wanted her and he didn't fight over her. :roll:


I am afraid that this isn't a "spoiled personality", but just normal natural female behaviour. Her husband has no value to her as a "man", he is just a rag to wipe her feet on, and she acts accordingly.
PowerMan72's grandmother is correct, a woman does not care about limiting herself or being fair/decent to other people, she will keep pushing the bar higher and higher, no matter what happens around her.
There is no reason for an intelligent man to even bother trying to have a "relationship" with a woman, and obviously not marry. "Relationships" are a means for manipulation, that is all. You will not get any happiness out of it, you will be drained dry and thrown out.
o pity for feminazis.

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