Marine asks leniency for wife who plotted against him

Started by D, Nov 17, 2004, 10:10 AM

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Marine asks leniency for wife who plotted against him

Robert Anglen
The Arizona Republic
Nov. 16, 2004 12:00 AM

A Marine who was nearly killed when a fellow Marine threw a grenade at him last year begged a federal judge Monday to show mercy on the woman who helped plan the attack.

"Most people don't understand how I can stand up here and stand behind my wife," Chief Warrant Officer Houston Glass said. "She's a great, loving, caring mom who loves her children dearly. And her children love her dearly."

The attack, meant to look like a terrorist strike on a Kuwaiti guard shack, was the culmination of an affair between Wendy Glass and another Marine stationed with her husband at Marine Air Station Yuma. advertisement  

Wendy admitted to authorities that she and her lover, Larry Framness, hatched two similar plots to kill her husband before settling on the grenade. On May 13, after both men were deployed to Kuwait, Framness led Houston to the guard shack under the pretense of needing help. Once inside, Framness found shelter and released the grenade.

Wendy, 35, who pleaded guilty in June, wiped tears and hair from her face as she spoke to the judge. In a tremulous voice, she choked out an apology and asked for the minimum sentence of 72 months.

"I just want to say I am sorry for the horrible decisions I made that caused so many horrible things to other families," she said. "My children will be without me for the best parts of their lives."

But Judge Stephen McNamee of U.S. District Court in Phoenix appeared unmoved by the emotional plea. Calling the case "unfathomable" and "sad," he sentenced Wendy to 87 months in prison and five years' probation.

"This is a terrible, terrible crime and a terrible set of circumstances," McNamee said. "This is another case that we are seeing these days where passion overrides reason."

McNamee reminded Wendy that if she had succeeded in her plans that her children would have been without a father. "You will have the ability to capture some of their later lives," he said.

Several times during the short hearing, McNamee seemed to suggest that federal laws prevented him from handing down a stiffer sentence for interfering with a military operation.

He said Glass attempted "to commit murder in a war zone by disguising it as a terrorist attack.

"It certainly caused absolute chaos over there."

The judge said he also took into account her cooperation with the prosecution of Framness, who received a sentence of 25 years to life in a military court-martial.

Despite extensive wounds and multiple surgeries that left him scarred for life, Houston told the court that his wife "didn't want me to get hurt."

He blamed Framness.

"I wasn't there to provide support for her," he said. "There was somebody . . . who took advantage."

But Assistant U.S. Attorney Sharon Sexton told the court that Houston was already arranging appearances on talk shows. She said requests to consider the children should be weighed by the fact that Houston is willing to exploit them on national television.

"His comments are somewhat suspect," Sexton said, asking the judge not to act "on the pleas of a man who, in my opinion, does not see things clearly."

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This guy is a misguided moron.
My wife is banging another man.
My wife is plotting my murder.
My wife engages her adulterous lover to kill me.
Subsequently I am scarred for life barely surviving a grenade attack.

And it' the lover's fault!?!
My wife is a victim of my inattention!?!
She was taken advantage of by another man!?!

She is doing 87 months. The lover is doing 25 to life.
Who took advantage of who here?

One should also take note of the disparate sentences here. Actual pulling of the grenade pin aside, it is apparently more acceptable for a woman to plan and execute a murder than it is for a man.

And what is this moron lover thinking?
That he is in some way immune from her machinations should things go south?
"Oh she won't ever plot my murder. She would never do such a thing!"

Bunch of morons.
ies come in three types: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics


Yup, bunch of morons. The ones I feel bad for are the kids.


I actually feel bad for the guys... not the woman, she deserves to fry... but they obviously have made being expendable so much a part of their identity (helped, no doubt, by being soldiers) that they have no sense of self-worth at all.

Disgusting that this women would take advantage of that.


There was a movie several years ago based on a real-life incident called "I Love You to Death" or the like with fairly famous actors & actresses.  It was about the same kind of thing - the wife unsuccessfully tried several different ways to kill her husband.  She put poison in his spaghetti, hired a bungling guy at a bar to kill him etc.  Ironically, one of the murder plots failed because he was shot, but the particular poison slowed down his blood flow so he survived.

So the guy wants to "patch things up with her" after all that.  A goal of the men's movement should possibly be to reach out to men who let women lead them around by the nose (and there are a WHOLE lot of them on the planet).  She's got two globules of fat on her upper chest and a hole with hair around it.  That's about it.  She's not the goddess up on a pedestal that you have to worship.

I've read a whole lot of stories like this - you may see them occasionally now too in the newspaper if you look for them.  That's how men seem to be.

One story I remember involved the 1st Gulf war back in the early '90s (not the present Iraq war).  The first newspaper headline in the Detroit News was that a man survived combat in Kuwait - and was then shot to death in senseless street violence on the streets of Detroit.  Sounds plausible, actually.  Detroit may be more dangerous in some places than a war zone.

But then the police looked into it - the wife had a boyfriend, and she was looking at a much-higher-than-average life insurance settlement.  So it turned out that the entire time the man was overseas in the military (getting shot at), he was sending most of his paycheck - some of it out of extra "combat pay" - back to his wife.  She was living off that, but she didn't need much money because her new boyfriend was paying for dates, vacations and all the rest.  She didn't work (didn't have kids, as I remember).

The triggering incident was when the man called her and told her he was coming home to the US.  Uh-oh.  Now she's got to hide the boyfriend (although she can still live off the husband).  So she and the boyfriend work out a plan (after she peruses the life insurance documents) to have a hired guy just gun him down.  Problem solved.  That guy didn't even survive to be able to apologize to her and beg her to come back to him.  (Yes - you read the last sentence right).


Some of you who were in the military may also recognize the term "West Pac Wives" and what that implies.  I don't know if it's any more prevalent in military situations than in "normal" situations in which the man has to travel on business, or go to an assembly site or the like.

I realize that a whole lot of husbands screw around too - but men have to get this thing out of their head that they are marrying a woman who will always be true to them.  THAT'S why (in a lot of cases) they are committing themselves to legal slavery to her - it's based on false pretenses in a whole lot of cases.

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Quote from: "Galt"
Some of you who were in the military may also recognize the term "West Pac Wives" and what that implies.  I don't know if it's any more prevalent in military situations than in "normal" situations in which the man has to travel on business, or go to an assembly site or the like.

I would emphatically say more prevalent. Depending on your ship type you deploy for a full six months to a year. Not likely of hubby showing up unexpectedly.

We used to delight in going to the bars frequented by the military wives and letting slip that so-and-so boat had to pull back into port because some part had failed.

And, yeah, the guys weren't angels when we pulled into ports either. I remember some of the married men getting pissed off because when some of the wives came and met the boat in Hong Kong those men brought their wives to the clubs we were all hanging out in. So when the women came in and saw their friend's hubby getting cozy with a local...
AT&T may be fast, but Navy wives are faster.
Returning from a WestPac = divorce season.
ies come in three types: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics


I'm trying to read this right: is the WIFE in the military too?

Either way she committed/was part of a terrorist act.  

And the idea that she had already set herself up to go on TV shows (of course w/the kids for tear jerk manipulations) to capitalize on her husbands death .... that's a PREDATOR.

This guy is an IDIOT for not divorcing her, taking the kids, and making sure this sicko doesn't ever see her kids and infect them with her whacked out "philosophy".

What I REALLY don't get is that most guys I meet in the military don't think like this AT ALL.  

One guy in my unit had his wife COMMITTED when she became unglued.  

But the "counselors" probably got to this guy and "helped him see 'her perspective'" (total bullshit).  If this had been a woman and she was defending her man you'd hear all sorts of testimony about women being attracted/under-the-control-of the abusers.

6 1/2 years for her?!

I mean, minus her, who here honestly thinks this would have happened AT ALL?  SHE is the instigator of the plot ... w/out her the grenade plan would have not been around.  She was CUNNING enough (as usual) to use VIOLENCE BY PROXY.

Her husband is an IDIOT!

'Watch our backs at home, we'll guard the wall over here. You can sleep safe tonight, we'll guard the door."

Isaiah 6:8
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


Heh, classic.
After this women complain how hard their life being an oppressed little woman is, and how all men are misogynists and hate them and suppress them in any way possible.
Do you think that this event changed anything in her mind ? No, it just reinforced her. "Heehee, it works ! Let' see what i can get away with next time."
o pity for feminazis.

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