Thought i'd share something i found

Started by daksdaddy, Nov 21, 2004, 12:52 AM

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I was four years old when first I met you my brother;
 My earliest recollection, was a day you returned home
And will forever stay with me.

All those years where were you? At war you said?
 And what did you tell me of this war?

The beauty of Holland, of France, and Belgium,
 You gave me souvenirs, wooden shoes and such,
You played Mom's piano, sang happy songs..

You had a little brother;
 Was this vacation so grand,
You waited four years to see him?
 Did you not care my brother?

If not for books and films and such,
 I may have believed in your vacation,
Even so I had no idea, the effects on you my brother.
 You won that war didn't you?

As a very young father I gazed upon my son,
 He had two eyes, his hair jet black,
I saw two arms, two legs, his head,
 A body soft and beautiful.

But what, my brother held you in your bloody hands
 When you were of this age, three arms, a leg, two bodies,
A head, and inner parts I have never seen?
 Is that what caused your hand to shake?

When I was young I sought like other children,
 Our mother's lap,
For sympathy, understanding and comfort,
 The tears I shed mixed with our Mother's love,
And gave to me, the inner peace I sought.

But you my brother, what is this our Mother tells me now,
You the man, my hero, the soldier tough,
Why also, were you in her lap with tears like mine,
 For sympathy, understanding for comfort?
And why did not your tears mix with Mother's love,
 Give to you the Peace you sought?
Did Mother love me more?

And still your hand shakes,
 And why my brother why?
They said you fought, were wounded,
 Your comrades killed, and why?
For Democracy?? - they say!
 For equality
For freedom of speech
 Protection of laws
All this and more
 And what say I?

Many years have passed
 I have felt unequal before the law
I have had my freedom of speech curtailed
 I have found no protection in the law
I have watched too many individuals lose their rights!!
 All this and more my brother
And still it's called democracy!!

Dad fought the First Great War,
 You fought the second and again in Korea,
With our other brother,
 You fought that my rights would be secure!

Though Hitler and Mussolini have long since gone,
 Their allies still remain,
Hypocrisy, corruption, ignorance, apathy,
 The tools of all the "isms" we hate and fear.

So, now my brother it's my turn
 You fought to preserve democracy,
I fight to preserve democracy
 You fought for freedom of speech.
I fight for freedom of speech.
 You fought for equality of law
I fight for equality of law
 You fought against hypocrisy and suppression
I too fight against these things.

They gave you a gun!
 I have only a pen!
You had a uniform to distinguish you from the enemy,
 I have none.

They called you hero!
 They call me fool.
You fought five years
  I've fought twelve!
You won your war
 Mine has just begun.

As we age my brother,
 I still see your hand trembled,
Worse now,
 I see alcohol taking its toll,
As it has with so many veterans,
 And why?
Could it be your thoughts,
 The innermost self which no one but you understands?

Because of you, my youth was spared of War,
 You fought for our freedom and your son's and daughters'
I too fight for freedom for my sons,

When our citizens listen no more,
I will leave this great Dominion,
And when the seedlings of all the isms' we hate and fear
Grow and again recognized,
Again government will call citizens to arms
Again calling upon my sons and in yours,
Handing them a gun and a uniform,
Again crying HERO!

David John Thornton
t is perhaps a terrible thing to say, but "rights and freedoms we are not willing to fight for are rights and freedoms we don't deserve."

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