Has feminism driven you mad?

Started by Mr Benn, Nov 21, 2004, 05:45 AM

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Has feminism driven you mad?

Yes, I think its effected my mental well-being
12 (70.6%)
No, I've managed to stay 100% mentally sane
5 (29.4%)

Total Members Voted: 17

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Thanks LSBeene,
I wish I would have had that argument about 15 hours ago. I stopped for gas on the way home and the two women working the register were actually arguing the LaGusa move away trial (although they could not name it as such). I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get involved. The older woman was actually raking the younger divorced girl over the coals and naming the problems like she was an MRA. (There is yet hope.)
The young girl was trying to defend her position about taking her military husband for a ride, shreiking about responsibility. The same old tired arguments. He chooses not to be involved, he is abusive, he is an alcoholic, I could take him for more if I wanted to be a bitch, etc etc. (Don't know how much of any of it was true.)
I think she was getting miffed at her co-worker being backed up. A little scary was that she was complaining about her current husband's drinking. Another poor sap with a loaded gun to his head.
We actually got her to admit the courts are definitely stacked against the men. She admitted without any prompting that Washington was a woman's state as far as divoce courts go. Finally she ended up back tracking and tap dancing. "Well, I would never (enter nasty divorce tactic here)." I left her with three websites and challenged her to take a look at what men are really up against.
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