AIDS - an anti-male message?

Started by Mr Benn, Nov 23, 2004, 06:09 AM

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Mr Benn

I swear I've just heard on BBC radio that in sub-saharan affrica three quarters of those suffering with AIDS are females and then they emphasised that most of this is due to "Their partner's high risk behaviour that they themselves have no control over."

But,, surely this can't be correct? Because if the partners had AIDS then how come only a quarter of the AIDS sufferers are male?

I suspect the figures have been massaged somewhere to highlight females as victims.


AIDS is being transmitted via vaccines.  Africa is under imperial attack. The culprits are using clergy and healthworkers to do their dirty work.  They are white supremacists and all around evil bastards.  The media is trying to get people to feel sorry for the sick so that the people will finance this dastardly deed for the elite.

In Canada they were promoting the 'Help Women and Children in Africa living with AIDS' for some time now.  This campaign has failed.  They then went to the adline 'Help Women and Children in Canada and Africa living with Aids',  still not enough response.  It is down to 'Help Women and Children in Canada living with aids'.  

My guess is that there is about 50 women with children dying from aids in Canada in all total.

This whole campaign is a scam all across the board.

Double Jeopardy

They are suggesting that the 25% who are infected are men who  are purposely spreading it amoung multiple partners. Remember that figure doesn't represent the total population percentage of females to males, just the total amount who carry the virus. It is just another sneaky way to pass the buck and load onto the shoulders of their men, typical and not surprising.

Alpha Male

Our church has a missionary over there located in Malawi. One of the stories she related to us the last time she came home for a visit is that there is this ignorant notion going around that if you sleep with a virgin you will be cured of aids.
You can imagine the response. Older AIDS infected people are raping the very young. Instead of stemming the tide it is spreading faster than ever. She says they attempt to educate but desperate dying people will grasp at anything.
ies come in three types: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

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