50,000 dead from the earthquake.

Started by Gabriel, Dec 28, 2004, 10:03 PM

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I hate to be cynical, but this 50,000 dead from the earthquake sounds like bullshit propanda to garner sympathy and money.  I am sure a lot died, but no one where near 50,000.  

8,000 at most.


The part that irked me was-

"xx,000 are killed-a lot of them children"

There is no doubt in my mind that many more will die from the sudden interuption of things like public plumbing,electricity,public sanitation,food supply,law,shelter,pharmaceuticals,etc.

It's too bad that no matter how much relief money anyone throws at it, and everyone down the food chain takes their cut, - those survivers who have been previously cast aside by society and live on the fringe of civilization, are now the one eyed kings in the land of the blind.

Suddenly, the life knowlege to eke out survival from the rubble and waste of others is an admirable high-academic and experiential-leadership qualification. That is, until the rest of the world governments trip oer themselves to pave a superhigway of good intention and "fix" it.

FCOJ by the cooler load. Warehouses of gum'mint cheese.Cases of "recently available" painkillers-pre expiration date even! Sea-tainers loaded with sixpacks of French/Swiss/American/bottled water. Googleplexbytes of Compaq and IBM laptops that work!(sort of) Ecto- tussin(sic) and wall-flue(sic) in the economy family size.    

On the other hand, the contractors that speculated on lucritive contracts in the rebuilding of an "easily overrun" Middle East, and, now paid, are  reneging as people are actually shooting at them, are in the best position to move their assets to where a more pressing need for humanitarian rebuilding is clearly evident.

It would be serendipitious(sp?) to hear THOSE "reconstructionists" roll up their sleeves and shout-let's get 'er done!


Japan tops U.S. tsunami aid pledge

The name of the link to the article is Japan tops U.S. tsunami aid pledge.  This was on CNN.com. The media is trying to guilt more money out the US. They are trying to say, look how stingy you are, you are inferior because Japan gave more money than you.

Which is, of course, BS, this isn't competition.  This is why I am of the opinion that the numbers the media is tossing around are propaganda, to make things look worse than they are to get more money. Not that anyone should believe anything the UN says, (oil for food program).

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