The importance of fathers

Started by Gabriel, Nov 28, 2004, 04:26 PM

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The importance of fathers.

Within each man is the sum of his experiences, his knowledge, and skill about many topics, but most importantly about success in life.  When a man is separated from his boy, all that knowledge disappears. The boys is left to learn from a woman how to interact with the world and on his own. Because a woman's experience's are different from a man's, she can only teach him what she perceives men's knowledge and experience are - if she is that ambitious.

A father is important to impart what he has learned onto boys when the boy is very young to manhood. The younger the boy is separated from his father, the more he loses because it is at those stages that the boys basic paradigms will be formed about the world and how the world and society operates.

The boy is provided with a role model into interacting with the world, but children are not stupid and can see where the father has failed and where the father has been successful and try to correct that in themselves.

Finally, father's have different ways of loving their children. Mothers may be all lovey dovey, but father's role of toughing boys for the world, perseverance, discipline and others are impossible to teach vis--vis lovy dovy. Without father's the boys will grow up either soft from learning to capitulate as their way of interacting with the world, or by rebelling and fighting everyone as the way they learned how to succeed in the world.

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