Why Political Correctness was designed to Stifle debate.

Started by D, Nov 29, 2004, 05:57 AM

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The Gonzman

Quote from: "netwebresearch"
The real problem uis abusive bullies and sick wife beaters and rapists. Politcal correctness has not stilifed debate. It is the politcally incorerct who stifle debate they will probably try to get me chucked off the baord for spekaing OUT against abuse.

Hmmm.  Looks like more Neanderthal-a "Ugh - Woman GOOD, Man BAAAAD" stuff to me.

Tell ya what - go here and find a couple of successive posts by me detailing female on male abuse they start at #6 down the page there.

Now, this isn't the one or two studies the Feminazis always try to dismiss - it's a pretty exhaustive list.

Then you come back and address them first.

Oh - and the advice you give on your page about covering internet tracks - very sloppy and ineffective.  I'd either remove it or hire a pro to give you some real advice to post.
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qoute; "Dan Lynch

You are implying more tribalism not a dissent from any innate virtue.  An Us against Them zero sum.  The battle of the sexes rages on.  

This  battle was designed by elites in places to sit back and watch the whole dumb show.   Even if men win, they lose.  Even if women win, they lose.  Don't you see that by now?"

You still don't get that the strategy isn't a final goal. It is just a tool to break the ranks of feminists and instill masculinity in men!

Forget the Elite-Conspiracy thing. If you stop the problems the Elite supposedly creates - you stop them - if there is a conspiracy!

Chivalry has always been a cheap shot if you are not in a superior position where you can grant the privilege. Outside that, chivalry is the 'cheap whimps' way of advancing his genes, no matter the cost for everyone else. It is probably also a 'legal way' of advancing genes in a jungle environment with a chimpansee-like lifestyle. BUT it isn't so in a civilization created by men.

Men upholding the values of an orderly society and preserving their male values shall not have to bear being attacked insidiously by cheap shots. Before socialism/feminism/political correctness that wasn't a real problem because that kind of chivalrous males weren't valued by women, they knew the difference from help and courtesy coming from real men.

Besides that, real men could then deal with 'chivalry' on the spot when exposed to it.

Without being an independant male with a proper selfesteem that kind of chivalry is simple subjugation and metrosexuality.

Stay tuned to the internet, and you will get the rest of story!
Women are not equal to men, but they can be trained to become a good support group.

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