One more trick from their bag of tricks,

Started by Gabriel, Dec 04, 2004, 01:32 PM

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The reason why you are hearing all about how girls are "better communicators..." is because those people in charge are changing the definition of better.

Girls are doing better in verbal... well that depends on how you define verbal and better.

Men and women think differently and they communicate differently. If you define "correct" or "better" as the way girls do it, and "wrong" or "behind" as the way boys do it, of course girls are going to show up as having done better. They will nearly everytime.

It is all a trick and it is one of the main tricks of the marxists feminist movement - change the definition of words. For example, "rape" doesn't mean forcing someone to have sex against their will, they have changed the meaning to include not stoping have sex with a girl soon enough when she says "I really should be going now." The guy stopped a minute later, but now he is in jail - the fun never ends.

Changing the definition of words is insidious, and the change is usually enough to trick people, but not large enough to be obvious. The tactic is for feminists to say some statement with a few words defined differently - the other person hearing the statement defines the words in the statement in normal way.  And you would only know the difference if you asked what they mean by certain words.  The feminist knows how you are interpreting the statement or "statistic," but won't fill you in - or give you complete disclosure.


There is no more important point to understand about the diabolical successes of feminism than this - "All power lies in defining the reality of the situation... and that means capturing and controlling language."

The most blatant aspect of this is how radical feminists have distorted our society's understanding and policies about domestic violence.

By defining the acceptable boundaries of understanding DV, and eliminating 90% of known social scientific explanations about intimate partner aggression, the rad fems succeeded in turning a non-gender issue about family conflict into an obscenely profitable anti-male bureaucracy.

Google "Duluth Model" and read their feminist DV "Bible."

The men's rights struggle has to tackle reclaiming the integrity of language, because without that, feminism will continue to define reality to its advantage, while seeking to erase all competing perspectives.

You can't think about what language does not permit to be spoken.
It's a terrible thing ... living in fear." (Roy - hunted replicant. "Blade Runner.")


If "verbal communication skill" is measured simply by the volume of words coming out of one's mouth, I think I might give them that one.

In my opinion, the most significant feminist redefinition is that of "equality" itself. In the feminist mind, "equality" is no longer quantifable standard, it is subjective and open to interpretation. Women no longer want to be held to such oppressive male methodologies, they simply want to feel equal. This is how they can demand lower standards for themselves and call it "equality."

Even "equality of results" is a myth, since women only apply such a standard when it benefits them. The 60/40 percent female to male ratio of college enrollment illustrates this. Suddenly we stop hearing about discrimination and start hearing about female superiority, ala verbal skills etc. It isn't actual equality women are interested in - that is, equality with equal responsibility. They want to create a culture in which they oppress men in ways equal to that in which they perceive themselves as being oppressed by men. They are twisted and obsessed and always will be.


Quote from: "rantmeister"
I They want to create a culture in which they oppress men in ways equal to that in which they perceive themselves as being oppressed by men. They are twisted and obsessed and always will be.

I agree. Part of me says that they know they are oppressing men, part of says they have percecution complex - which leads the oppression of the people they accuse of oppressing them.

I believe the solution is they all know it, it is just the level which they allow the knowledge to come to their full conscieness varies. Some even run from the knowledge actively.


I have never believed that women are verbally more proficient than men. I believe as you say, that the definition is simply changed, and that maybe men are more patient with women while communicating, (especially attractive ones) which may lend to the ideal of female superiority in this area.
Bottom line, is its all bullsh**.
Gentleman is a man who consciously serves women. I prefer the golden rule.

Behind every great man, is a

Women who say men won't commit, usually aren't worth committing to.


Yes, it's definitely a fallacious idea and it somehow always manages to get my dander up when I hear it, especially because I always strove to achieve high marks in reading, writing, and spelling.  I was never very naturally gifted in the math and science fields (in fact, I was downright SLOW), but writing, spelling, and reading were my favorite subjects.  In seventh grade, I was reading at a twelfth-grade level, which goes directly against the long-held belief that males surpass females in math and science, but mostly fall behind in reading, writing, and communication.  I've never understood why a few radical feminists have chosen to generalize so much, especially when their generalizations affect children.


"It isn't so much that schools have changed in ways that hurt boys. It's that society has changed in ways that help girls.

Increasingly, success requires verbal skills, which everyone agrees come more naturally to girls. Industrial-age jobs that required minimal verbal skills are disappearing, replaced by information-age jobs that range from filing insurance claims to law. Even in technical fields, verbal skills are at a premium. An auto mechanic or TV repairman now needs to master complex technical manuals.

School reformers eventually spotted the need and reacted strongly, setting standards and writing tests that demand verbal skills. The SAT and ACT required for college applicants, for instance, now have an essay component.

This puts boys at a huge handicap, and schools haven't begun to adapt.

One hint of the inadequacy can be found in research done by Michael Gurian, author of Boys and Girls Learn Differently. He surveyed the course offerings of schools of education throughout the country. His discovery: 99% of universities and teacher colleges do not offer a course on the biological differences between how girls and boys learn. So teachers enter classrooms unprepared to turn boys into successful readers.

Other factors also come quickly into play, setting off a downward spiral that looks something like this: At home, dads read to their daughters and throw footballs to their sons. In elementary school overwhelmingly female teaching staffs naturally teach in ways that connect better with girls. Fidgety boys are quickly defined as suffering from reading disabilities. In middle school, teachers - still unattuned to the boys' disadvantages - take no action to correct swelling reading gaps.

That brings boys to the pivotal ninth grade, the first year when they run up against the heavily verbal, college-track curriculum that school reforms demand of most schools. And the boys flounder.

The trend holds through the remaining school years: Girls shine; boys fade.

Some responses suggested by researchers appear easy. Assign boys books that they find more appealing, for example. And bring them along gradually, so they don't quit.

But in the end, the problem runs much deeper. It surely won't be fixed until educators first come to see that it exists."

What others are saying

Rod Paige, U.S. Education secretary: "The good news is that girls have narrowed or completely erased the educational learning gap with boys. Unfortunately, boys now seem to be falling behind, and this is particularly a problem in minority communities. The key is early support and intervention."

Michael Gurian, author, Boys and Girls Learn Differently : "Our schools of education - including those at many of our most prestigious universities - don't train young teachers in the biological differences between how boys and girls learn. The teachers are therefore not fully prepared to take on boys' minds in schools. Our school classrooms themselves - at all grade levels - favor the female mind's way of acquiring and processing information. Many boys are simply set up not to succeed."

Robert Massa, admissions director, Dickinson College: "After centuries of under representation in higher education, women have been actively encouraged - appropriately so - to attend. The parallel encouragement of men has been lacking. With an increase in single-parent households, the lack of male role models in education, and a slower maturity rate for boys, we can understand why men have fallen significantly behind women in college attendance rates."

Barbara Sprung, co-director, Educational Equity Concepts: "Boys pick up cues from the world around them - from the toys they are given to the TV programs they watch - that reading and writing are more for girls than boys. This attitude has negative consequences for their future education. The problem begins before kindergarten."
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