The Crying Fest on OPRAH and why men do not want 30 plus, feminised women

Started by alien, Feb 20, 2007, 04:13 AM

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Mr. X

Notice all of this is men's fault and none of it is women's fault. Not one woman proposes any reason why no one wants to date her. Instead its men who are bad, men who are inferior, intimidated, afraid of children, deadbeats, losers, gay, childish etc. Nothing is ever the fault of women.

Like some woman with four kids ISN'T going to make the whole relationship about her and her kids? Like some poor sap guy is even going to ahve a say or identity in this relationship. It would all be about her and the kids and he'll be lucky to step into the house. No say in how the kids are raised. No way to discipline the kids when they get out of line... but he gets to pay the bills.

Reminds me of a three stooges skit where Moe would say to Curly "Watch how you carry that crate or I won't let you carry it at all". Like being a beast of burden was a priviledge.

Rot in loneliness ladies. Rot. You're the ones who told us men you don't need us and we're not worthy and we're expendable.

I'm doing EXACTLY what women have told me for years to do... I'm stepping aside and leaving women alone so all the Alpha males can step up and mate with them.
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


 i agree with u mr.X -they friggin deserve to be lonely-i ended a relationship with a single divorced mother of 4 kids-first thing she said was u dn't like me cause of my kids - l told her straight out -u dn;t have time for me ,or anyone else for that matter.She wudda been bttr off with her husband of 18 yrs.She gets a lotta support $$$ though which is what she wanted along with her freedom-eat it bitch.
u wanted it u got it


Like some woman with four kids ISN'T going to make the whole relationship about her and her kids?

Female and turncoat response: How can you be so selfish as to think that a relationship should revolve around you?

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