Men are never the victims of DV or sexual assult by women

Started by damnbiker, Jan 12, 2005, 05:18 AM

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Wounding in the UK is a fairly serious charge. If you got into a bit of a punch up on a Friday Night because you had drunk too much, you would proabably face lesser charges such as ABH (Actual Bodily Harm), GBH (Grievious Bodily Harm) or Assault.

If however you decided to escalate matters, perhaps glassing someone or using a weapon you would more likely face a charge of wounding.

It is also much more likely to carry a custodial sentence, I have an aqcuaintance who got 4 years for wounding...but he did nearly sever off someones hand with a machete.


Men are never the victims of DV or sexual abuse.

Oh no.

Forgive me for being bitter but this hits really close to home.

I was sexually abused at school, by two girls, in front of over thirty people, on a regular basis for over eighteen months.

I'm now thirty-two and have only just begun to cope with the flashbacks and the nightmares.

I've had to cope with drug addiction and alcoholism, all as a form of escape from this and I'm only now getting a degree of rather sceptical counselling.

I told my parents last summer, about what happened when I was 13 and 14 years old.

They were horrified.

I never thought that anything I said would mean anything. I was a boy. We just hit people that bully us and move on. But when you are being sexually abused? By girls? You can't hit them, oh no. You just have to be publically humiliated for 18 months and then, after, get the shit kicked out of you by the other boys because the girls (quote) 'suck your f**king cock too much'

I've survived 2 suicide attempts. I cannot bear for anyone to touch me because it feels so horrible and I feel so dirty because of it. But I live. I felt a great deal of hostility towards women for a long time, I admit that freely. But now? I just throw myself into my hobbies of computer programming and D.I.Y. and just say "F**K the world".

I'm happy now, single, using my brain gives me a great deal of pleasure and I find that more rewarding than wasting time on b*tches.

I apologize for my bluntness, but I won't waste words on niceties.

P.S. before you ask, yes I am getting counselling, and no, it doesen't do any good. I'm just turning my heart to stone and staying hooked on soccer.

*bangs his head against the wall*

such is life.

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