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A new's report on the misandric bbc tonight regarding the tsunami disaster in south-east asia, opened on a story focusing specifically on Indonesia and its reporter stated (ill paraphrase).

"Men have returned home after being away to find their wives lost to the waves." --Then shots of these two men, (sarcasm alert) anguished at their incompetence and utter selfishness that they chose to travel before consulting the visionary god of foresight!

No mention however (certainly not on the bbc to date) regarding the thousands of fishermen LOST TO THE WAVES whilst fishing across the whole of south-east asia at the time of the tsunami, or that women who were away returned to find grandfathers,husbands,brothers,sons,nephews etc lost to the waves, how ridiculous.


"Here in this village where the women have suffered the worst, they now have to live in the village school and ponder over the loss of their children where the mothers here did everything to save their children."---And the father's didnt AGGRRHHHH!

Previous to this statement the journalist remarked/contradicted himself how the village school was the only building left standing in the village. Conclusion the women live in the only building left standing and the men live in the open in the discarded remnants (the bastards) yet the women are being portrayed as worse off!

Also the usual nauseating mindset that only women/mothers grieve and suffer for the loss of their children, (sarcasm alert) the men/fathers obviously couldnt give a monkeys and are more concerned with the football scores. More outward visible/audible grief and tears does not equate to feeling more pain for the loss of something so precious.

Another quote

"Womens groups are here to ease the pain of these women and to help in any way they can, this councilor has prevented the suicides of at least three women alone."

I think you can draw your own conclusions from this further quote, it merely highlights as if the members of this board are not already aware of the bbcs constant fanatical feminist propaganda spewing from the depths of its vile insidious nefarious avaricious onerous depraved bowels, belching the rancid femi-nazi ideology purporting to be a neutral newsagency is laughable.
eminists ...

"Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to 'unsex' themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, and would surely perish without male protection."

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The men are bastards because all the poor women want to do is return to homes and resume normal life.  And the men aren't providing the homes for them as fast as they can, and (more importantly) they're probably not putting the toilet seat down when they come back to the makeshift accomodations.

And besides, the men are probably responsible for the Tsunami.  Disasters are part of the Patriarchy; those things wouldn't happen if feminists were in charge.

Mr. Nickle

The whole thing is a tragedy but what really makes me sick is how this has become a 'trendy' issue. Everybody and their dog is raising money for tsunami relief - that's good - but what about the thousands of little kids dying every day from starvation and disease? Because it's not in one big dramatic event the attitude is "fuck 'em. Who gives a shit?"

In my town they are having bbq's and skating parties to raise money. The fucking irony staggers me. This is the greatest thing in the world for some people here. If there was no tsunami we wouldn't be having this fucking carnival. We should have a tsunami every year to liven things up in the after Christmas slowdown. I just want to smack them.

Personally I don't donate to things like this. I have donated on the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels through taxation. The government will donate my money in the way the majority of the public wants them to. I don't want somebody in my face at work or coming to my door or stopping me at a fucking "voluntary toll" in the middle of the road.

Sorry, END RANT.
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Welcome to the Forum PROFOUND1  :)

I have also seen a similar line taken by The Sun newsapaper. Ever since its' first ever female editor (Rebekah Wade) took control in 2004, the number of male-bashing articles has noticably increased. As far as the tsunami coverage goes, the Sun has featured 7 or 8 articles trumpeting the feats of various heroines, but none feature any heroes whatsoever.

This is a clear and deliberate editorial line.
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Their slogan may as well be 'From each according to his ability, to each according to her gender" - Judge John Roberts

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