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Started by Sir Jessy of Anti, Jan 24, 2005, 06:41 PM

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Sir Jessy of Anti

Quote from: "Sir Jessy"
From hisside website: "According to Dr. Schwyzer, talk show host/columnist Glenn Sacks is part of the problem-a "purveyor of a victim mentality for men" who "masks men's own responsibility" for their problems and who "lashes out at those, such as feminists, who call men to accountability for their actions." Schwyzer also labels Sacks a "denier of male privilege," adding "just because a group doesn't feel privileged doesn't mean that they aren't." So it may not be that he was labeled as anything other than a part of the problem (which Hugo refered to as homophobic and misogynistic). In any case, it's clear Hugo tried to present himself as an 'enlightened feminist male' and as such Glenn's comments were sarcastic in nature, mocking the perceived self-aggrandized 'enlightenment' of the feminist male.

Quote from: "Sophie"
You mean all those quotes Sacks pulled from Hugo's writing? And even so, like Will says, disagreeing isn't being self-aggrandising.

If the disagreement did not include negative characterizations of a vast and disparate pool of individuals, I would agree. The onus is now on the professor to prove that what he said is the true nature of the backlash (i.e. that it's underpinings are misogyny and homophobia). Making appeals to the invisible patriarchy hardly counts as erudite debate.

My favorite part during the show was when Glenn suggested that nothing 'women as a group' do could ever be innately wrong or morally corrupt in Hugo's view. Hugo then basically deferred, and Glenn pointed out that more women than men abuse children anually. He pointed out that this was an action that women as a group do. To be clear, he was not blaming women as a group, just pointing out that Hugo's assertions of men as a group can easily be turned around. In any case, Hugo then flatly denied that this was the case, until being confronted with the DOJ statistics cite.

At that point Hugo conceeded that perhaps more women do abuse children, but then he went on to _excuse them of all responsibility_ by blaming absent fathers, the patriarchy, more time spent with mother than dad, that anoying elf that lives in my attic, etc.

Surely the double standard was apparent to all but the most ideologically minded of feminists. His "men's movement" is about holding men accountable for an imagined social construct, and excusing women on the flimsiest of pretexts.
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It is KILLING ME that I cannot listen as I have no sound card!!!!! (mine died - Gonzo is sending me one - no worries!)

But I would have paid REAL MONEY to have been a caller on that show:

Steven: "Well Doctor Hugo, when I was falsely accused of rape, my good name destroyed, my college credits made meaningless, and with the college making it just about imposible for me to defend myself ... where exactly was my "male priviledge" ... Oh, in case you're wondering I finally amassed enough evidence to prove the allegation false - ON MY OWN."

Fucking wanker.

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