Oh, the Patriarchy ...right Hugo

Started by kal147, Jan 24, 2005, 11:21 PM

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I don't know about you guys, but it seems to me that the patriarchy is responsible again ... Alas, Hugo is right -- when will men ever stop and take responsibility.


Woman set fire to bed in sex row  

The caravan was completely destroyed in the fire
A woman who set fire to a bed in a caravan where her former lesbian lover was with a new girlfriend has been warned she faces a long jail term.
Sarah Metcalfe, 46, found the pair in her caravan at Goldsbrough Mill Farm near Knaresborough in July last year.

Both suffered burns and spent several weeks in hospital.

A Leeds Crown Court jury failed to reach verdicts on two charges of grievous body harm but Metcalfe pleaded guilty to a charge of arson.

'Heart dropped'

The court heard she doused the bed in petrol and set it alight after finding the two woman in the bedroom.

The pair - Katie Wrigglesworth and Emma Shakesheff - were initially trapped but managed to escape through a window.

During the five-day trial, the court heard how Metcalfe's and Ms Wrigglesworth's four-year relationship ended in June last year but both continued to use the caravan.

Metcalfe described how her heart "dropped to her socks" when she walked in on her former lover with a new girlfriend and a row ended with her pouring petrol over the bed and setting fire to it.

Sentencing was adjourned for reports but Mr Justice Royce warned Metcalfe, who was remanded in custody, that she faced a "substantial term of imprisonment"


So, is "caravan" the Brit term for trailer?  Trailer park escapades!  The Brits have been watching too much Springer!  lol
It is impossible to reason a man out of something he was never reasoned into in the first place- Swift

"The cardinal principle of judicial restraint--if it is not necessary to decide more, it is necessary not to decide more."

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