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Started by daksdaddy, Jan 27, 2005, 10:20 AM

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Suspect in apparent suicide

A Winnipeg woman charged with hiding her baby son's dead body in a freezer has herself been reported dead, The Sun has learned. Tammy Lynn Grawberger, 40, died in hospital last Wednesday, the province's chief medical examiner confirmed yesterday.

Grawberger was charged late last fall with failing to provide the necessities of life, neglecting to obtain assistance during childbirth and secretly concealing the dead body of a child.

The charges were linked to a grisly discovery made in the spring of 2003, when Grawberger's ex-husband found an infant's body in a freezer he received from the woman after they broke up.


The ex-husband, who lived in the North End at the time, apparently plugged the freezer in but was forced to empty it out later after a power failure struck, police said weeks ago.

When the ex-husband reached the bottom of the freezer, he found a plastic bag with what appeared to be tiny fingers sticking out.

Police said DNA evidence proved Grawberger was the baby's mother, and an autopsy has shown the baby was alive at birth but died some time after.

Grawberger was scheduled to make her first court appearance on the charges tomorrow, but it now appears she may have taken her own life, said the medical examiner.

"The suspicion is that she committed suicide," said Dr. Thambirajah Balachandra.

The investigation into Grawberger's death, which was launched Sunday, is continuing and no other details have been released, Balachandra said.

The police officer heading up the investigation into Grawberger's charges is on vacation and couldn't be reached for comment yesterday.
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