N.J. Detention Center Investigated

Started by neoteny, Jan 30, 2005, 11:56 PM

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N.J. Detention Center Investigated
Sat Jan 29, 7:14 AM ET   U.S. National - AP

By GEOFF MULVIHILL, Associated Press Writer

CAMDEN, N.J. - The director of the Camden County juvenile detention center ordered a roundup of youths under her office's supervision so the facility would receive more money from the state, according to a court transcript.

The allegation was made in October by Eva M. Johnson, the supervisor of electronic monitoring for the county, during a closed Family Court hearing. A transcript was released Friday, the first time details of the roundup have been made public.

Judge Louis Hornstine ordered the hearing after the mother of one of the boys taken into custody objected to her son being sent back to the juvenile center for no reason.

The claim reportedly launched a state and federal investigation of the Camden County Youth Center and its director, Mary Previte, who is also a state assemblywoman.

Johnson testified that she was told by Previte to round up children to increase the detention center's population on Oct. 15, which is known as National Count Day.

The number of students in schools or detention centers on that date is used to determine funding for those institutions for the next year.

According to the transcript, she said workers "contacted some parents and asked the cooperation of some parents, lettin' them know what we were doin', that we were gonna bring their son or daughter in for the count, that we needed their bodies in the building to prepare for our education program monies for the next school year."

About 15 agreed, she said. All of them were released from detention on Oct. 16.

Previte has referred all questions to Ken Shuttleworth, spokesman for the county, who released a written statement saying the county would not "comment substantively on the situation until the results of the state's review are reported to the county."

Judge Charles M. Rand released the transcript of the closed hearing in response to a motion filed by The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Star-Ledger of Newark.


 I guess in some twisted sense, it can be claimed to be for "the benefit of the children"...  :roll:
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Quote from: "neoteny"
I guess in some twisted sense, it can be claimed to be for "the benefit of the children"...  :roll:

Yep. It certainly is.

And how much did the boys get paid for their cooperation with the roundup?

Not a penny.  :roll:

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