Manipulative Woman Caught In Scheme

Started by blackmanx, Mar 18, 2005, 04:33 AM

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I  just  read  this  story.  It  seems  a lot  of  women  manipulate  the  justice  system  in  order  to  hurt  men.  This  holds  no  less  true  today  than  it  did  long  ago. There's  this  mean and  nasty  broad  who   wanted to  frame  her ex-husband   using  child  pornography  that  SHE  made.  Also,   she  wanted  to  hire  someone  to  kill  him.  Thankfully,  she  was  caught  and  apprehended.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.


.....That SHE made -using her own child.........

Gee, let's watch and see how the final complaint plea pans out, what the sentance is, and how long before parole.
Perhaps a running list of the groups and editorial writers that come to her defense, or attempt to soften the severity of her threat to society.

Maybe I'lll make this my pet project for the duration of it's longevity in the main stream media.  I'm sure that once the issue of the courts being too tough on women blows over that this issue will be prominent in the op/ed pages. [/spit]

Edit; As usual, there's more
A Prattville woman accused of conspiring to kill her ex-husband during a custody dispute likely used a computer to doctor images suggesting the child had been sodomized.
Investigators do not believe she actually sodomized the child. The images allegedly were meant to implicate her ex-husband in the abuse.
"As evil and cold-hearted as the (woman) is, I don't really think she would do that to her own child.

But she made the effort to let the custodial father take the stigma of that accusation!

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