Forgiveness Theory.

Started by richard ford, Mar 09, 2005, 01:39 AM

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richard ford

I would like your opinions on a theory I formed recently.

When a person of either sex has been emotionaly abused by someone of another sex they will strive for forgivenss in themselves and closure.

Doctrines such as feminism seek to keep wounds open and bleeding by preventing open comunication between the sexes. Nevertheless the desire to achive closure is very very strong.

This manafests itself by being drawn towards the same sorts of person who hurt you in the first place. Perhaps this similar person will understand my pain?

Very often they cannot, or will not, so the cycle of hurt continues.

On this buliten board we see boath sexes groping towards each other. ContraryMary for instance has been hurt badly by men and it important to her that we understand it. Once we do she can move on.

The alternative would be to tell it all to some feminist group who would root her firmly back in the pain and prevent healing.

I find the same thing in myself. I do not need an apology, or revenge upon women. I just need them to understand what they have done to me. Then I can move forward with the goodwill towards women that is natural to all healthy men.

The worst thing I could do is chase after another abuser to explain it all to her. I would simply be showing her the best way to abuse.

This may explain why feminists are usualy in favour of prison reform to make the lives of rapists and murderers more comfortable. They are emotionaly engaged with these men because at some point they were hurt.

They prefer Osama Bin Laden to any possible US president. They cheer when US troops are killed in Iraq.

Whenever they are forced to choose between an abusive man and a healthy one they will choose the abuser.

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