need some rock solid facts on DV against men- please help

Started by Matt99, Mar 18, 2005, 12:03 PM

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i recently e-mailed a guy who has a self defense site, there was a section on DV against women but none with regards to men. i e-mailed him and told him that DV against men is a very real issue, and gave him the rough statistics.

the good news is that he agreed with me. he said if i supplied proper figures about domestic violence without the feminist bias he would put them online and write a section on it. this guy is on our side :)

im chuffed. but the only problem is that now of all times im having trouble finding good solid data about it. i know some was published a while back but i cant find where from...

he asked for "Bureau of Justice Statistics, and Uniform Crime Report cites for those number" specifically

please please please can someone help.  im having no luck :s


Hi,  there.  I  found  these.   I  will  search  and  find  some   more  and  give  them  to you  as   I  discover  them.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.

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