The Paranoiacs Bible - part one.

Started by richard ford, Mar 25, 2005, 02:01 PM

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richard ford

The Paranoiacs Bible.

A guide for men in a feminist world.

What do feminists want from men? Do they have any idea of what a 'good' man might be like or do they simply wish to destroy? Years ago feminism presented itself as being about bringing women into the workplace and making them more like men. This was supported by men as much as women because our culture values equality, and because most men are born with protective feelings towards women. Many men looked forward to a future where women would be willing to work as hard as men and would not automatically expect to be provided for because of her sex. Men would no longer be weekend fathers or lodgers in there own homes but full members of the family - as important to the children as the mother. This was an attractive dream and it became as difficult to be anti feminist as it was to be an open racist. Questioning this orthodoxy would result in howls of rage from 'progressive' people everywhere.

The irony of this is that feminism claimed to want exactly what organizations such as fathers4justice are now demanding..... and feminists are opposing.

Human beings like to be popular and this is one reason nations can go mad from time to time. Nobody likes to be crass or a boor or a bigot and we tend to keep quiet rather than go against fashionable opinion.  Sometimes we kid ourselves that we are an exception to and prove it to by saying something terribly brave. This is self deception because we never risk these opinions where they may cause real rejection. We may even censor our own thoughts to fit in. I am not even immune to this myself because I am writing this pamphlet for a 'safe' audience. I will remain emotionally safe even if it falls into the hands of a rabid feminist because I hold these people in contempt.

In the 1930's progressive opinion would have been shocked at any criticism or Joseph Stalin and his purges. The most horrible crimes could be justified by people who were individually decent and intelligent on the quasi mystical grounds of 'historical necessity'.

Later on it was possible for Jewish owned newspapers such as the Daily Mail to support both Hitler and the British Union of Fascists. The current madness is for 'progressive' people to hate President Bush so much that they will support any enemy, even terrorists. We see the bizarre spectacle of feminists and socialists demanding withdraw from Iraq that would result in an Islamic state far further from their own views than any American president will ever be. These people claim be shocked by the bloodshed in Iraq and elsewhere but find it impossible to keep the glee from their voices as they do so.

Do not be ashamed of holding unacceptable opinions. Every bit of human progress was once an unacceptable opinion and the feminist lie is very beautiful. Every previous lie has passed away and so will this one. It is impossible to find anyone today who supported the actions of the Marxist terrorist movements in the 70's yet these people once existed in their thousands. Some time in the future it will be impossible to find anyone to admit having once been a feminist. They will simply have melted away and joined the next great delusion.

In the 1980's I felt that I knew what feminists wanted. They wanted men to have less than they had.  Less talent, less money, less charisma, less everything. It was always assumed that anything a man had was a form of theft. I knew of many men in the 80's who would pretend to incapable of making decisions or be incapable in other ways in order to earn a patronising pat on the head from a woman. Eventually these men seemed to become genuinely paralysed with a learned helplessness and would enter a room with a permanent cringe as if they were apologising for their very existence. They often picked up female habits such as being fussy about food but looked sallow and unhealthy. Non feminist men that I knew would eat any rubbish that presented itself and yet look much healthier. Men who are controlled by women are nearly always unhealthy.

Destroying men psychologically simply to make women feel more powerful is clearly an unspeakably evil act but at least it made some sort of sense. Until the mid 80's it was possible to earn the approval of feminists by surrendering a good chunk of a mans soul. Feminism was behaving like any schoolyard bully, making other people smaller so that she could feel powerful. Pretty soon however, this no longer satisfied them. Who can respect someone so eager to please? The abuser comes to feel lonely and feels contempt for the person they are abusing. Why does he put up with it? She will have moments of remorse and get over them by projecting her own behaviour on to the one she is abusing. Suddenly women began to accuse men of being too weak rather than too strong. This neatly shifts the focus of blame from abuser to victim and also means that she no longer has to change her own abusive behaviour.

Young men killing themselves? Men are weak. The weak deserve to die.

Boys failing at school? Boys are stupid. Nothing to do with feminist teaching designed to favour girls over boys.

Men becoming homeless? Stupid, stupid men! Why do men act the gentleman in divorce cases?

Men dying of cancer? Weak, pathetic men. Nothing to do with five times as much being spent on female health as male.

This reminds me more than anything to the Nazi attitude towards the Jews. The fact that the Jews did not fight back (except in Warsaw) proved they were subhuman and deserved to die. The more uncomfortable they felt about persecuting the Jews, the more they had to project their own evil upon them. Feminism will not burn itself out any more than the Nazi party did because it is driven by the same dynamic. Feminism must commit greater and greater crimes to continue to feel good about itself. The chief difference is that the feminist movement has openly published the SCUM Manifesto while the Nazi party kept its own final solution from the public.
If the feminist movement is not prevented from doing so it will launch its own final solution. The current 'men are useless' campaign is part of the psychological build up.

There are always evil people in the world. The harm they manage to do is determined by time and geography. We are living in a cynical and immature society that is inclined to be attracted to easy promises and sloppy thinking. We no longer know what we believe in and feel embarrassed when we talk about morality or decency. Feminism is a sort of organised selfishness and narcissism that does well in such conditions.

Most people are decent. Feminism will be defeated but only if it is actively opposed.

What follows is a guide to remaining sane until this happens.

Good Luck!

1) Do not marry. This is painfully obvious to many men. You may love and trust a woman but if you marry her you will give her the power to throw you from your own home and deny you your own children. If she chooses to beat you or even kill you then you will receive little help.

Do you think she will never use her power? Perhaps you are right. Some owners of slaves tried to be humane as well - but there can never be real closeness between a slave and his owner.

2) Do not have sex in the UK or any feminist country. If you really must then make sure that it is with a woman who is really stable. Some women run from rescuer to rescuer, accusing each previous boyfriend of rape. This is because they suddenly feel that they have been raped when they realise that their previous boyfriend is evil just like all other men. Eventually she will meet her white knight that believes and sympathises with her stories (that tend to change and grow over time). She will project all her romantic hopes on to you and you will be seen as the one perfect man. This is hugely attractive to men who are protective towards women but one day she will realise you are just like the others and the cycle will continue.

Do not take comfort in the fact that you are innocent because the UK 'justice' system has a way of punishing the innocent as well. Your name will be published as a man accused of rape while hers will remain confidential. It also likely that your accuser has had more experience in the courtroom than you have. In New Zealand there was a woman who had accused about one and a half thousand men of rape over 30 years. You can be sure that she knew exactly what to say and when to cry.

3) Try to work for a male boss. This rule can get you into a lot of trouble if you are too open about it, but I will show you what I mean.

Suppose you have a bad male boss. He may be a bully or simply incompetent and lazy. What is likely to happen? First of all you will be aware of the situation very quickly. Male bullying in usually overt and aggressive and this behaviour will be recognised by other people very quickly. Men are good at recognising the weaknesses in other men because we have often overcome the same weaknesses ourselves. Bullies live in fear of their own weaknesses being found out so we have quite a lot of power over them.

If the bully is female then you are in a great deal more trouble. Firstly, you may not even recognise it at first. You may find yourself dreading your workplace or suddenly failing at work where you used to be competent. Female bullying is often covert and involves undermining you in front of others, making it impossible for you to do your work effectively and implying that you are the problem and not her. It is socially acceptable for women to make remarks on the uselessness of men. We are supposed to 'take it like a man' and never retaliate.

Stop taking it like a man!

Complain. Threaten legal action, take time off sick. Use all of the weapons a woman would use in the same situation. Whine like a girl! Overcome your male pride!

The simplest way to avoid this situation is simply to avoid women in the workplace altogether. Whatever you do never sleep with a female boss. Once you have done this once you will be expected to do it forever. Try to break away and you will be accused of sexual harassment or worse. If possible make a tape recording of her sexual advances and tell her that it exists. You may find yourself promoted or moved to a better position elsewhere but this is only likely to happen if you politely refuse.

4) All single men should claim to be gay.  Talent is becoming increasingly irrelevant in large companies and government bodies. What matters is 'diversity' which means that everyone must hold the same opinions and fit into a limited number of pigeonholes. Once you have been pigeonholed then your entire personality is determined for you. If you are a woman then you are oppressed by men and in need of special help in your career. If you are a lesbian then you are oppressed on two counts which makes you more oppressed than  the heterosexual woman and so on. If she is a member of an ethnic minority then she gets three points. The more oppressed an individual is the more powerful they become. Survival therefore depends upon finding some badge of oppression and using it effectively. You may use any reason other than the real one - you may never say you are oppressed because you are male. This is because men are regarded as the source of oppression and so cannot be the victim of it. The most reviled group of all, the WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) make up about twenty percent of the population and are known in diversity speak as 'the majority'. The remaining eighty percent are known as 'minorities'.

Men face an enemy without a sense of irony. The feminists force everyone to be alike and eliminate all individuality in the name of diversity. Then they select a minority of men for special victimisation in the name of equality.

Feminists do not even give there favours to women without charge. Their chief aim is to increase there own power and independent women are a threat to this. The more 'oppression points'  one accumulates the more powerful one becomes but the cost is great. The more points one accumulates the more their identity is pre defined by others and the more dependent the favoured one becomes. Let me give you an example...

One Point. Heterosexual white woman. This person must be struggling against at least one man who is trying to hold her career back. Her own opinions do not matter - if she wishes to be helped she must pretend.

Two Points. Homosexual white woman. Now she must be struggling against other women who are oppressing her. This means that she has to invent a whole alternative life for herself just to fit in with expectations.

Three points. Homosexual minority woman. Now she must come from a disadvantaged background, probably involving violence and/or drugs. She is expected to live a complete lie to fit in with ideas about black people that probably originally came from the lyrics of a rap song!

You may also have noticed that men become progressively more demonised as the points accumulate.

One Point. Men are controlling oppressive bullies (all of them)

Two Points. As above except that they also bully her because they cannot have sex with her. (All men are rapists.)

Three Points. Men are also racist, violent and drug addicted.

So you see women are forced to lie about men in order to gain power at work. This means that the most blatant liars gain the most power. It can also damage a healthy woman because she comes to see herself as weak and in need of protection when she is not. Remember that the feminist aim is not independence and power for women, it is to create a client group of grateful and dependent women. This is the only way they can remain in power.

The only defence against this is to play the same game by being gay. This also stops sex harassment accusations before they start and provides a convenient means to explain why you are uninterested in them. If you were to admit to being heterosexual then they may take your lack of interest as an insult and are likely to make false allegations.

5) Be rich. Being rich while married is suicidal. It is like putting out a contract on yourself. The richer a married man becomes the more he stands to lose by being divorced and therefore the more he fears his wife. Many millionaires put up with regular beatings from their pampered wives simply because they cannot face being poor again.

I am talking about being rich and enjoying it. Part of enjoying it may involve giving some of it away provided this is not done out of guilt. Strangely, you do not need very much money to be rich! All you need is the sensation of having more than you need.

This is one area where men have an advantage over women. Women's magazines consist almost entirely of invitations to spend money on things of no value. How much pleasure can a woman get form owning yet another pair of shoes when she has a couple of hundred already? The only satisfaction can be in the fleeting joy of shopping. She will have to return the following week for another pair no matter how many she has. This means she can never feel truly content or wealthy. There is always another brand name to own. I do not think it is a coincidence that the countries in the world that value men also have low household debt and few bankrupts.

It is impossible to be truly generous until one has the satisfaction of knowing that they have all they need. It is possible to give out of duty or guilt but these are usually joyless experiences and they do little good to the receiver because it is compulsive and not rational behaviour.

Feminism also robs women of any sense that they are wealthy and can afford to be generous. How so? Feminism views life as a zero sum game where the woman must always receive 51% of the cake. This causes women to keep a constant record of who does what. She may be tempted one day to do something generous such as baking a cake or cooking when it is his turn to do so but she is robbed of any satisfaction by the fear she may only be getting 49% of the benefit. Keeping tabs creates a sensation of poverty and shortage. This, combined with 'you can have it all' messages from the media mean she becomes chronically dissatisfied.

There will come times when you meet men who have not read this book. They may have lost their home and their children through divorce. They may be victims of domestic violence or any number of other things. You will want to help and this is why we all have a duty to keep a few thousand aside. There is no worse feeling than wanting to help someone and being unable to do so.

Creating this reserve need not involve great sacrifice. Most men are paying interest on consumer debt such as credit cards. Pay these off and you will be surprised how much better you feel. Get a card which gives you cash in return for using it and make sure the full balance is paid each month. Meanwhile make a list of where your money is really going - you may be surprised. It is quite possible to spend one hundred pounds a month or more on shop bought sandwiches and coffees. Eliminating these will not hurt much, particularly if you have the satisfaction of cutting up your cards.

Women have greater disposable income than men in all the feminist countries (possibly all countries without exception) but they are also less satisfied than men. How do we explain this? Feminists like to point out that men earn more money than women. This may (or may not) be true but we can be sure that women spend more than men by counting the adverts aimed at women and those aimed at men. We may also like to measure the floor space devoted to men in department stores comparing it to that devoted to women. Shopping for pleasure is a hobby that is outside of most men's budgets yet most women seem to regard it as normal. The explanation for this contradiction is that men earn money and then give it to women.  One secret of getting rich as a man must therefore be to stop giving money to women richer than yourself.

Men usually give to women in the hope of forming a relationship with them. In theory it should be possible to save a great deal of money by having nothing to do with them (in this country at least). In reality it is harder as our giving is part of our protective feelings towards women in general. We must wean ourselves off of  compulsive giving by stages. There may be occasions when you may wish to give to a woman who is less well off than yourself for non compulsive reasons. This is entirely healthy - the point is that it must be your choice and not something you are manoeuvred into.

6) You have a right to walk on the pavement. A wise friend of mine told me that he had difficulty waking the pavements of Brighton because women would make him walk in the road. When I first heard this I admit that I did not believe it until he explained what he meant. He would be walking along the pavement minding his own business when a woman would walk towards him in such a way as to force him to step out of the way or into the gutter. This would happen even when there was no other person on the pavement and was purely a way to make him feel his subordinate position. I still did not really believe this but decided to make notes for a few days to see if it were true. The interesting thing about small humiliations is that you become used to them after a while and simply accept your lowly place in the pecking order.

I am a Londoner so it is harder to catch women out creating deliberate collisions because the streets are so much more crowded. I did notice the following three attempts by women I had never met to put men in their place.

1) London Underground Jubilee Line. A woman looked across the railway carriage at me two or three times. I returned her glance because I felt that to ignore her deliberately would be rude. She then looked away in disgust. I do not think this was an attempted flirtation but a power play. The message was that she could force men to acknowledge her because she was beautiful and powerful (in fact she was nothing special to look at). She then rubbed it in by treating me with contemptuous disdain. She probably did this to different men at least twice a day. It was quite a powerful weapon as it made me feel as if I were some sort of unwanted creep even though she initiated the contact.

2) Jubilee line (other direction). A woman stopped for no apparent reason when leaving a train causing the man behind her to ask for permission to leave. Message - you have to ask before entering my body space even though it inconveniences you. High status individuals generally have their space respected more than low status people so it is not surprising that women feel free to invade the personal space of men all the time.

3) Office canteen. Three young women carrying out a private conversation at the tops of their voices. In this way they were able to dominate the canteen area and make others uncomfortable. Nobody felt able to reclaim this space by asking them to shut up. Had a man done so then a big drama would have been created.

The first stage in resisting this sort of thing is to be aware of it. Constant small humiliations such as these act as a sort of water torture that wears down the confidence and possible the physical health of those on the receiving end. The average man is probably insulted by women in one way or another (if we include the media) two hundred times a day. Is it any surprise that we come to believe we are no good?

7) You have a right to be alone. Women will sometimes talk about something called 'me time'. This is time when she can be alone to pamper herself with smelly candles and all the rest of it. I agree that this is important, but why should it only be for women? Men are expected to be available at a moments notice for women and yet it is unreasonable and controlling for a man to enter in on a woman's 'me time'. This is why so many men hide in the toilet or garden sheds. It is simply the only place where they can feel alone and at peace.

If you were to hear that a woman had to hide in the toilet to escape the constant demands of her husband you would (quite rightly) consider this outrageous yet you have probably done hidden there yourself.

8) You have the right to leave the toilet seat up! The toilet seat wars that occur in many homes are nothing more than a mind game to make you feel less civilised than women. Why should one position be correct and the other not? Having the toilet seat up suits men and having it down suits women....well so what?  If you want the seat upright then raise it and if you want it down then lower it. If the woman you are with cannot compromise over this tiny little thing then she will not compromise over anything else either. Get rid of her!
9) Nothing is inevitable. It is natural to assume that feminists have always held  power in the west. In fact for most of history men and women respected one another. Proof of this may be found simply by talking to most woman over the age of 60. They are shocked and horrified by the actions of their daughters and are probably more reactionary than you!

Feminism is only a passing fad limited to the ruling elites of a few super powerful countries. We need to see the wider picture sometimes.

10) You do not need to explain yourself. Being a man is not a problem that needs to be explained to women because it is not a problem at all. You do not have to explain why you surf the internet for porn or why you drop your underpants on the floor. If you live with a woman then you may compromise on some things but being a man does not need to be justified. You are OK as you are.

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