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Started by richard ford, Mar 26, 2005, 01:40 PM

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richard ford

On April 12 men's rights activists in London will at last have an organization they can become involved with. Up until now we have had a choice of fathers rights organizations for men to join but nothing for the man without children. Believe me, this is important. The British media believes there is only two sorts of news - there is news that occurs in London (that they call national news) and there is news that occurs elsewhere which is treated as local news. Only 'national' news is reported in the national press and this accounts for the more of less universal news blackout on the men's movement apart from fathers 4 justice who have the good sense to organize their stunts in the capital.

The men's movement has therefore slipped under the radar of the national media. Organizations such as the Mankind Initiative may produce reports on domestic violence against men yet these are not believed. 'Why, if this is the case, is there no grass roots movement against this violence?' they ask. This is a reasonable question.

There are reasons why men have remained silent for so long. One of them is shame - each of us believe we are the only one. Men are physically stronger than women and this makes it difficult to see him as the victim. All of this will begin to change when men begin to organize against domestic violence in the capital city. The great beauty the Mankind Initiative approach is that it does not set out prove that women are capable of evil (which upsets people for some reason). It simply deals with the suffering violence causes for men and children. In other words, Mankind presents itself not as a problem but as a solution.

If the struggle for equality within marriage is a war then we are approaching one of its most decisive battles. A credible London branch of the Mankind Initiative would place the issue of domestic violence and discrimination against men on the political radar weeks before the general election. Journalists who may be sympathetic to our cause will have a point of contact for the first time. The media would begin to seek out a quote from ourselves each time they quoted a feminist.

How can you help if you are not a Londoner? Firstly, I believe that every UK man should join the Mankind Initiative as an individual member. This costs only 30 annual or 500 life and you can be sure of getting an awful lot of bang for your buck. The organization has only 120 members and these people not only do all the work but finance it too. Some charities seem to have been set up to provide jobs for the founders friends. This is something you can never say of Mankind as the founders not only work for nothing but pay for the privilege as well!

There is also the possibility of levering in some outside money. The feminist refuge organizations get about twenty seven million pounds a year from the home office and split the money three ways. One third goes towards salaries and large cars. One third on the clients and one third on creating hatred between the sexes to guarantee future employment. We believe this is corrupt and should be ended. No government money should be used for political propaganda or hate speech. The money saved by cutting this and the parasitical feminist 'academics' who feed upon it will ensure that everyone of either sex can be assured of help when needed.

The second thing everyone can do is write to their MP and ask their position on male victims of domestic violence. He may be surprised that only one sex is deemed worthy of help. Remember! You are not trying to convince him of anything! Simply let him know that  for you.

Raymond Cuttill

Hi, what exactly is happening on April 12th?
aymond Cuttill

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Quote from: "Raymond Cuttill"
Hi, what exactly is happening on April 12th?

I don't know, but on April 1, we laugh at the feminists and their followers.

richard ford

On April 12 London will at last have a all purpose mascualist group involved with offline campaigning.

Up until now we have had fathers rights but nothing for men who are not fathers.

Please get involved.



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