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Started by richard ford, Mar 29, 2005, 01:34 AM

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richard ford

There is only one internationally famous men's organisation that hails from the UK - fathers4justice. This organisation is now active in most of the English speaking countries in one form or another. I would urge you all to join even if you are not yet a father. I have joined this organization myself and yet it is not my first love. My main focus is upon a group that few people have heard of and only one hundred and twenty have joined - the Mankind Initiative.

Why have I chosen this group before all others? Is this factionalism? Are the two groups in any way in disagreement?

The two groups compliment one another completely. Both groups argue for equal parenting. Only one group likes to dress up in Batman costumes but this is a minor issue.

Both groups have a real opportunity to change things. Fathers 4 Justice has seized the political agenda in the UK and both opposition parties now support equal parenting.

Why, then do I continue to put most efforts into Mankind?

Firstly because Mankind is a charity and not a campaigning organization. It has taken a great deal of hard work to achieve this degree of recognition and Mankind is gradually building upon it. The government now feels that it must at least pretend to take the interests of men into account when drawing up policy. This generally involves contacting Mankind for an alternative view before doing whatever the rad fems command, but at least the government has an alternative viewpoint presented to it.

Mankind is involved with many issues but has chosen to focus upon domestic violence. There are practical reasons for this as well as humanitarian. The domestic violence industry absorbs more than twenty seven million pounds of public money each year and not one penny of this goes to men. This money is far too often used to spread hatred between the sexes and for the promotion of feminism. If we can get this money out of the hands of the rad fems and use it instead for victims of both sexes then both sexes will benefit.

Joining the Mankind Initiative is a long term investment. I cannot see a major reversal of government policy for many years. When it occurs (and it will) a major source of feminist funds will be removed. In the mean time you will have helped to save the lives of many men and children who contact our domestic violence help line. We need more of everything. More money, more members, more volunteers. Victory is certain - only the number of lives destroyed by the present system is variable.

Sir Jessy of Anti

Way to go Richard.  I hope many men join your cause.
"The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master." -- Ayn Rand<br /><br />

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