Seven days until liftoff...

Started by richard ford, Apr 05, 2005, 02:56 AM

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richard ford

Or six if you live in Bletchley...

It is now seven days until the formation of the Manlkind London group. A similar group will be formed to cover the east of England the previous day.

I would ask you all to do something towards making this a sucess.

a) If you are in the UK but not local to either group then please join Mankind at the national level Start saving your postage stamps as well as we can turn them to cash.

b) If you are (more or less) near a local group then please make yourself known to the office.

c) If you are in a country with no such organization then consider creating one.

From the 12th I hope to be able to call Mankind a national organization for the first time.

Tora Tora Tora!!!


I  look  forward  to  hearing  about  the  group.   It   gives  me  hope.   I continue  to  hand  out  the  flyers  by  the  way.  The  response  from  most  men  and  women  has  been  positive.   It's   a   really  good  thing  and  lends  me  the  courage  to continue  to  do  it.   I   go  to  school  five  days  a  week  and  I'm   never  without  any  flyers  in  my  backpack.   I  hand  them  out  everywhere  I  go.  I   wish  there  was   a  Mankind  Initiative-like  group  in  Boston.  I'd  join  it.  Oh,  well.  I  might  have  to  start  one. Peace.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.

richard ford

First, please visit the website as I suggest in most posts. This will answer any questions you may have.

Second. If you wonder why we are not involved in issues x, y or z then ask yourself what you are doing about these issues.

If  you do nothing then who will do if for you?

I hope this is not too harsh.


This  is  not  harsh  at  all.   Just  today,  I  gave  a   flyer   to  an  older  African woman.  Her   name  was  Monique.   The  flyer  had  information  aimed  at  helping  male victims  of  domestic  violence.  It  had   the   web  addresses  you  might  know  such  as ,  and   This  lady  was  very  grateful.   She  asked  me  for  two  more  sheets   that  she  would  give  to  some   male  friends  of  hers.    She  even  gave  me  a  peck  on  the  cheek   before  she  left  the  bus.    Now  I   KNOW  what  I  do  is  the  right  thing,  lol  !    

There's  a   chapter   of   NCFM  (National  Coalition  of   Free  Men)  which  I  consider   joining.  I've  spoken  to   a  member  of  it.   He's  originally  from Liverpool.   He  and  some  friends  of  h's are  thinking  about  starting  a   Men's  Political  Awareness  group   right  here  in   Boston.   I  want   to  help  and  I  will,  when  the  time  comes.   Continue  to   spread  the  word,  mate.    It's  the  only  way  to  get  results.   Good  luck  !
y book, Men's Rights Activists.


Once again, I'd love to start a group of my own, but for some people, it really is easier said than done.  What are you supposed to do if you live in a crap town with no friends, no political connections, and no sympathetic press?  I wish to god that I had the means to do this, but it's virtually impossible.  Maybe if I had gone to college like some of you guys, I would have had the chance to get together with other MRA's, but unfortunately, that ship has sailed.

richard ford


You may find that it is easier to get something going than you imagen - you will probably have to start very small hovever and take a long term view.

Buy a few mens rights books. I have a link from my own site as does Darren in As you read them you may think of other people who should too.

Do not be too pushy. Just say you have read an interesting book and lend it to them.

I do not know your age but you will meet more and more wounded men as you get older. It is (unfortunately) not hard to find them. Invite one or more to a social outing and just discuss life. This will inevitably involve some of the issues didcussed here.

Congratulations! You have just formed a men's group!!!

Do not worry about a lack of education. When it comes to gender issues this makes you stupid, not wise. I myself an a 42yo security guard.

Men do not like joining organizations unless they really understand what they are joining. Nobody knows what a men's rights group is right now so nobody will join one!

They will be very happy to talk to a man who understands their problems though. Just be a friend and be yourself.


I've  heard  your  words,  sir.    They  make  sense.   Maybe  I will  start  a  Men's   group  soon.   The  meeting  place   might  have  to  be  my  own  basement  for  the  moment,  lol.   I've   talked  to  a   lot  of  my  young  male  friends   who  are  my  own  age  (18-22  years  old)   and  we  have  a lot  of  the  same  beliefs  about   men's  rights  and   position  in   this  world.   We  need  to  help   our  fathers.  They  need  us.   Also,  we  need  to   help  our  fellow  men  because  I  can  see  it  rapidly  becoming  US
versus   THEM   when  it   comes  to  gender   politics.    I  have  met  a  few men  who   were   on  the  feminist  side  of   gender  issues  and  I  found them  to  be  morons and  let  them know  it.   I also  told  them  that  if they found themselves   falsely  accused  of   any  crime  by  a  woman,  their  feminist  friends  would   turn  on  them   and   crucify  them.   THAT  made
them  think.  I  love   placing  the seed  of   doubt  in  the  mind  of   pro-feminist   men.    I  find  them  to  be   more   disgusting  than  the  man-hating  feminists  themselves.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.

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