Woman Charged With Making Up Campus Rape Story

Started by blackmanx, Apr 10, 2005, 08:54 AM

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I  have  always   known  that  many  women  make   false  accusations  of  rape.  I  pray  that  the day  will come when  people  look  at  the   lying  bitches for  what  they are.  They're  manipulative,  deceptive  and  out  to  get revenge  on  men  for  Lord  knows  whatever  reason  their  twisted  minds  invented.   This  one  got  caught  and  I am  glad.   I hope she   pays  for what  she did.

y book, Men's Rights Activists.



I hope she gets punished too, but she's a semi-public figure (head of a NOW chapter) and justly punishing her would become a "policy change" endeavor, and don't think that NOW wouldn't defend her.

CAN she be punished?  Sure.  WILL she be?  Doubt it.

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