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Started by richard ford, Apr 05, 2005, 12:46 PM

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richard ford

This is an article on patriarchal cooking. But what is patriarchal cooking? It is not what the feminists will tell you it is. It is not forcing a woman to cook for you (barefoot and pregnant as they put it). It does not matter who cooks the food in fact. What matters is that the cooking is an act of love and that the family eats together. Crime, and all sorts of self destructive behaviour come in the wake of the family that does not eat together.

The act of cooking is one of the most effective ways of building love that I know. Anyone coming home from a days work and finding a hot meal waiting for him (or her) will love their partner a little more. It works the other way too. Cooking is a natural expression of the caring and nurturing instincts found in all healthy people. Love grows through the practice - we learn to swim by swimming and we learn to love by loving.

Family cooking benefits children too. It gives them security and teaches them how to relate to others in a civilised way. This is a skill being lost under feminism which is why we have so many social problems.

Family cooking is also more healthy than the alternative. If you want to see an example of feminist cooking go to McDonalds. Feminism promotes single person households where the career is god. These lonely 'families' have no time to cook - and no children to cook for.

One characteristic of family cooking is that the eater remains in control of what is eaten. Industrial society is fond of producing meals that disguise the ingredients that are in them. Many microwave meals are curries, bolognaise or pizzas with chopped ingredients. It is impossible to judge the quality of these ingredients when you see them for the first time in this state. You may like to try an experiment- place a piece of chicken in your mouth that came with your micro waved meal and suck the sauce from it. Then bite- what does it taste of? Nothing usually. Furthermore it has a rubbery texture quite unlike real meat.

Eating food like this causes the body to crave more and more variety but does not satisfy. This results in obesity and heart disease. It is interesting that average lifespan lengthened with rising living standards until the advent of feminism. Feminism broke the link and money no longer does the good it once did. We can therefore assume that once feminism is overcome then both men and women will live longer than at present. For proof you may look at any patriarchal society and you will see that the people are thin and usually dress better than people in feminist societies who have far more money to spend on themselves.

I have to be realistic however. We live in a feminist society and most of us live on our own. We have less time to spend cooking than our grandparents so we must be very efficient in our cooking. My recipes usually involve less work than many microwave meals, although your friends will be impressed you have found the time.

How to roast a chicken.

First choose your chicken. Fresh is best for a number of reasons. It is hard to disguise poor quality meat if it is fresh and it has more flavour. Frozen meat seems cheaper but it often contains ice so this is imaginary. If you have a good quality butcher locally then try them. If your local butcher shop smells clean then you can be confident the meat is OK. There is an honesty in fresh meat. Once you are a regular customer you may try a little good humoured haggling.

Place your chicken (upside down) in a heavy iron pot and heat to 160/180 centigrade. Do not bother with foil, salt, or anything else. When delicious smells fill the house wait a while and then turn the heat off. The chicken will continue to cook as the pot slowly cools. The iron pot will ensure the chicken remains moist as it has a lid. This also keeps the oven clean.

If you live alone then freeze down the meat you cannot eat. This is especially good for single people. Cook fresh vegetables by placing them in water that is already boiling (no salt). Eat them while they still have a slight crunch. If you think you hate vegetables this is probably because they have been overcooked.

Chicken that has been cooked in this way has more flavour and lower fat (it collects in the pot). Although some time is required no more actual work is involved than in making a cup of tea.

The cooking pot that I use is not cheap- but it is worth every penny as it saves both time and money. Furthermore it will probably last longer than I will and become a family heirloom. If you are tempted then please link through my website.

Alpha Male

I like this.
Most people don't really want to think about what they are eating.
We raise our own beef and chicken. Not because it save us any money, but because we know EXACTLY what it has been fed and how it was processed.
Sugar Blues by William Dufty has a very interesting section devoted to the Bureau of Chemisty and how it was done in by Roosevelt because of the maneuvering of food producers.

Cooking as a family is also just good stuff all the way around. Forget about children being in the way and let them help. Mama doesn't feel "abandoned" in the kitchen, Mama and Papa are spending quality time with the children and each other. The children are learning to contribute to the family rather than learning to be waited on hand-n-foot. The family is learning to work together as a whole. It doesn't have to be every meal. Most of us work and waiting until you get home to start dinner might make it a very late meal. I like to eat when I get home and relax. But weekends are usually good.

Eating together is a good idea too. There is actual conversation between family members!! Interest shown in each other!! A better chance of being a bigger influence in your childrens' lives than their peers or their schools!! I know that isn' t possible for a lot of us here and I truly wish things were different for you. But if you have the opportunity - don't waste it.

By-the-by, and just out of a personal curiosity, those of us residing with families, how many of you sit down to a family meal as opposed to grabbing a plate and heading for opposite corners?  (When I was growing up there were so many of us and all of us on different schedules that the food was put out and we ate whenever we got home anywhere we wanted w/the exception of our rooms. Usually in front of the TV without any conversation at all.)

Edit: Added final sentence.
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The Biscuit Queen

This is something I know a lot about and feel strongly about. Some people can bitch how STHMs are useless and lazy, however I strongly feel that dinner  alone is a huge advantage to having a man or a woman staying home.

I spend on average 1-2 hours preparing dinner. It is homemade about 25 out of 30 days, the others we eat out or have canned baked beans or raman noodles, salad and sandwiches.  I try to time dinner for when Dave gets home, which is hard since he comes home anywhere from 5-7 depending. We all wait for him to get home, and we all eat together. There is no rush because the household chores are all done and so is homework. Dave normally has no responsibilies after work.

When two parents are working, they can make it for dinner too. I cannot help thinking that all the other work would be hanging over their heads though. Sometimes having time and space to enjoy your family is better than more money.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.

Alpha Male

Dinner and chores were the first benefit we really noticed when we decided to have Michelle stay home. Instead of both of us coming home from work and forcing ourselves to get the house in order the chores would be done already so we would eat dinner and then go out together.

Five kids and a farm later the chores never seem to end but we still spend our evenings together rather than laboring alone.

Last night the first of our chicks hatched out. This is the first year we've tried to incubate our own and the incubator is in our room on the dresser next to the bed. This morning I was waken by three little kids doing a little run-in-place dance wanting to see inside the incubator cuz they could hear something moving around. They were dancing on Michelle. I've decided to make sure the stereo stays on my side of the bed.
ies come in three types: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics


To respond to richard's part first, I definately agree on the issue of home cooked food, mostly due to a few things I have learned about food preparation along my path in becoming a chemical engineer. I remember particularly when Frito Lay presented on the concept of "food extrusion." Basically, you take water and steam and force them through a small hole at high temperature and pressure, and you can make almost every snack food you can find in a convenience store. I've no doubt that the same is done with certain kinds of meat, since pre-prepared, pre-shaped chicken and beef do have that strange homogeneous texture to them.

While I'm not married yet, this summer I experimented with making my own food instead of subscribing to the campus dining hall, and I found that I not only felt healthier, but happier. Maybe it's from the fresh food, or maybe the act of making it, but cooking on your own is definitely something I'd recommend. Also, I've experimented with spices and on the display of food on the plate, and sometimes small efforts come off as highly impressive; one example being cutting an apple into slices, placing them in a circle and sprinking cinnamon on them. Stuff like that impresses people to no end.

And to alpha male's comment on families eating together, my family has quit doing so now because my sister and I are at college, but beforehand we ate togeter a few times a week, and almost every day when we were young. Also, have you noticed Pizza Hut's new marketing campaign? The last time we ordered delivery the box had a list of questions that families could ask each other to start a conversation. I was impressed by it, to say the least.

Alpha Male

Quote from: "Angelssk7"
Also, have you noticed Pizza Hut's new marketing campaign? The last time we ordered delivery the box had a list of questions that families could ask each other to start a conversation.

Alas, we decided against allowing public television into the house so I miss out on a lot of the items we discuss here. I will say I'm almost always suprised when any company promotes family bonding. Pleased but suprised.
:lol: Having a pizza box give me conversation starters just reminds me too much of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
ies come in three types: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

richard ford

I am thinking of producing a follow up article on the money saved by cooking or doing certain things for oneself. How much would one have to earn before one was better off than they would be if they just slowed down a bit?

One thing is sure... the state would be worse off because it taxes junk food but has not found a way to tax the individual as they cook for themselves.

This may be the basis of a fine conspiricy theory. What do you think?


Maatkare find her current near poverty situation requires her and her signifcant other two work work work (somtimes going to college isn't worth it..)

Rarely do we have the mental capacity to come home and cook a real meal



or chinese takeout

or Roti from the Carribean joint down the block

This one mostly leaves lengthy  meal preparations on the Sundays

which she hates
not only is it unhealthy
but it waste money which contributes for above poorness

one of the reasons she's told the hubby when they have younguns she's removing herself from the 9-until I can go home work for  doing 70 percent Housewife type things and 30 precent freelance work.


College can sometimes suck from the money point of view, Hachu.  I got good at doing a calculation of taking back bottles versus how much a can of corn costed at that time.  Or deciding whether I wanted to splurge and get a microwave burrito at 7-11.

But it's also a pretty fun time in life otherwise.

Things get better money-wise when you get out, but then you've got that full-time "work" stuff that you didn't have as intensely in college.  

Enjoy your life at whatever stage you're at!

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