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Started by richard ford, Apr 12, 2005, 01:42 AM

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richard ford

One choice people make when entering work is whether to adopt a warm blooded or reptilian approach. I am currently a reptile and find that it suits me. Being a cold blooded reptile does not imply a lack of human warmth or compassion. It does not even imply a Vulcan-like calculating approach. An economic reptile adapts the feeding and survival techniques of reptiles to the business world. Warm blooded animals such as birds or mammals have far higher metabolic rates than reptiles. This is the reason they became dominant in the world but also their greatest weakness. Higher metabolic rates mean that the animal can be far more active and live in cold climates - but the warm blooded animals are always hungry. Most must eat at least once a day, fewer can go much more than a week or two without a meal. Many reptiles on the other hand can live quite happily on one meal a year. The reason is that reptiles do not leave their engine running when they are not moving. They generate no heat so very few calories are burnt when the animal is just sitting about. In many ways reptiles are more efficient than mammals because almost every calorie burnt is used in some definite way to ensure the animals survival. The down side is that the reptiles prey must usually come to the reptile rather than being actively hunted down. This is why you see crocodiles sunning themselves near waterholes. Crocodiles know that all animals must come to drink at the waterhole and so they can afford to wait. He lacks the speed or agility of the lion so he has no other option.

In business there are also too ways to make a fortune. One involves earning a great deal of money by working very hard (like a mammal) this causes an increase in consumption because the hard working individual develops expensive tastes. He eats out all the time because he is tired by the time he gets back home. In any case he surely deserves a treat after all he has done. The high earning individual is also often concerned with status. He may feel the need to prove he is 'successful' (whatever this means) and must therefore buy an expensive car and other things. The most expensive toy of all (if he nearly kills himself with work) is a woman. If fact all of his other toys are generally nothing more than 'babe magnets' designed to prove he has plenty of cash to spend on the woman once he has her. A woman's attention can provide a quick fix for a man but it cannot really heal him. Only the respect of other men can do this because the respect of men cannot be bought. A man who purchases the respect of women through expensive gifts can never be sure of anything. Her respect is a bought thing and therefore reminds the man that money is all he has that she wants.
The other approach is the reptilian one. Reptiles succeed by ensuring their overheads are low. They may not be the dominant animals of the world but they generally live longer than their mammal equivalents. If you adopt this policy then you will cut out all useless expenditure. This is not the same as masochistic self denial and should be a liberating experience. One item that should be cut out as soon as possible is consumer debt (even if it claims to be interest free). Consumer debt will hit you twice. First it will enslave you financially so that you are always working to clear your debts. Secondly, it will destroy the pleasure of work. Rather than look forward to the useful things you will purchase with your paycheque you will only be able to look back with regret at what you have bought. All of your beautiful belongings become nothing more than a source of worry for you. Once you go cold turkey on consumer debt you will have the opportunity to face some of the emptiness that feeds it all. Human beings are not rational beings. We may be able to invent rational reasons for our actions but these are usually not the real ones. We buy things because we want them- we find reasons for wanting them later on when we question ourselves.

If you find this difficult to believe just think about advertising for a moment. When was the last time an advertiser bothered to tell you anything useful about the product he was selling? If the product is aimed at women then the advertising will tell her the product will help her humiliate men. If the product is aimed at men it will tell him he can be useful to women (or respected by men) by buying it. Both promises are usually lies. Freedom consists of knowing in are heart what our head already tells us- happiness cannot be found in buying stuff on credit. I wish I knew exactly how to attain this state because no peace will be found until you do. I am very near to this state right now and can give you some pointers.

Firstly, do not judge yourself by unreasonable standards. Do not pursue success without defining it properly or you will never know when you have got there. Find someone (nearly always a man) who values you for what you are rather than your position. Occasionally you can find an older woman (60 plus) who is capable of this. This may be because she did not grow up under feminism or it may be the wisdom of old age, I do not know- but I find it significant that feminist societies ignore and ridicule the old while patriarchal ones value them. Men often have a problem admitting how much they care for one another. Received wisdom is that this has something to do with a fear of homosexuality (though why any man should be scared of being gay if it means they can avoid what passes for heterosexual love in our culture is beyond me). Society is far more tolerant of gays than it was and yet there is less intimacy between men, not more. Feminism ridicules everything it cannot control so friendship between men becomes the most absurd and ridiculous thing in the world. When a man forms a friendship with another man he is committing a revolutionary act. He is seeking an alternative source of approval and this is frightening to many women. They will accuse him (humorously) of regressing back to childhood because many male friendships are hobby based. She will accuse him of closet homosexuality, of plotting against her, of not being a 'real man' or any number of other things. It is absolutely vital for his emotional survival that he ignores all of these attempts to control and devalue him. She will arrange things in such a way that he is always forced to break off whatever he was planning to do with his friend at the last moment because he is needed elsewhere. His friend will thus be forced into a completely unnecessary rivalry with the wife or girlfriend because she will always force her partner to choose between his friend and his relationship.

The real choice facing any man in this situation is much more simple. Is he prepared to allow himself to be managed through pain? Whenever he breaks off a friendship to avoid the pain of a bad atmosphere at home or shaming tactics then he is rewarding these behaviours and also strengthening the power they have over him. When he maintains his friendships he is giving her a choice. She may either accept a lessening of control over her partner or escalate her behaviour into high drama such as screaming or violence. When she does this then the question is whether the man values his own life because this behaviour can only ever lead to death.

Once you have gained some control over how you view yourself (not jumping through hoops to please women) you will find yourself with reserves of time, energy and emotional resilience that you never imagined you had. Life suddenly becomes exciting and you are likely to look for fresh challenges. It is important to choose these well. Some people will return to their former slavery simply because it is familiar to them. When they have some free cash they will treat themselves to something of no lasting value and return the state of desperation and debt they have escaped. Equally, some men will find some emotionally draining person to replicate the effect of a heterosexual relationship. When one is a slave one is on one level or another dead. This can be comforting if the alternative is waking up and realising one has submitted to slavery.

What is the greatest pain you can inflict upon someone who wishes to destroy you? Evil knows all about hate and is familiar with pain. If we could look inside the mind of a feminist abuser we would be looking straight into hell. I believe that our best revenge is to be happy. This is not the same thing as turning the other cheek (the comfort of the helpless) it is a genuine revenge strategy. Destructive philosophies eventually burn themselves out because they consume and destroy their followers as a fire consumes its fuel. Feminism is essentially anti-life because it is anti reproduction. It destroys the host society by undermining morality and harms the individuals ability to engage with others. Have you ever met a happy feminist?

Feminism therefore finds itself at war with every healthy individual. Sometimes feminism will pretend to be something other than what it is in order to survive. It makes claims (sincerely believed by some feminists) that it is about equality and therefore it will improve the quality of family life. This counts for nothing because it is not the sincerity of the believers that cause ideas to fail but the objective destructiveness of its effect. I doubt that Germany ever had a more sincere Chancellor than Adolph Hitler but the effect of his ideas was destructive. Germany found itself in conflict with an ever growing list of nations because it posed an objective threat to them that was far more real than the false promises made. This is what is happening to feminism. It may lie, bully cheat and kill but the list of its enemies grows longer by the day. Even if it were to gain total power in some advanced country such as the USA it would succeed only in destroying it and replacing it with another civilization opposed to feminism completely. In other words feminism can bring only death and misery to all who associate with it. It can no more dominate the world than a group of people who choose to infect themselves with smallpox.


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