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Started by woof, Apr 10, 2005, 12:15 AM

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Quote from: "richar'"
Trish Wilson is the worst. She has her panties all twisted up over men.

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This thread has convinced me that I need to enroll in a decent law school (oxymoron, I know) ... because there's some real gold to be mined in this whole 'Net defamation thang.

If I understand correctly, it's being argued that simply debating rationally with a female's textually-inscribed anonymous web persona can now be construed as defamation, malice, and libel?

Man, what endless bank!

It's a clever variation on the Canadian SOW's effort to criminalize all male anti-feminist speech on the 'Net, but with much more potential for endless litigation!

I've heard that soon you will be able to get a law degree on-line from an accredited virtual university hosted in Grenada.

If suing virtual persons soon becomes possible, we could save the U.S. economy!

LS ... you're a genius!  :wink:
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Sir Jessy of Anti

Hell Roy,  maybe I should be extradited for my finding hill-arity in a Big Bully's attempt to push us around!  I mean I did laugh right in her virtual persona's face.  That's gotta at least merit the death penalty, right?
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Quote from: "Sir Jessy of Anti"
That's gotta at least merit the death penalty, right?

Worse.  Your sentence will be to spend the rest of your natural life being forced to listen to I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.
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Sir J. ... when you laughed (virtually) in her (his? who knows?) textually represented "face," you actually committed extortion.

Because you unlawfully expropriated her/his/its 'Net "property" as represented by its virtual identity validity.

In other words, you stole her credibility without cause.

Well, actually, you had a surplus of "cause."

But that won't help you in feminazi court!   :lol:

If you think I'm making up what's gonna happen in the future.... better get a law degree.
It's a terrible thing ... living in fear." (Roy - hunted replicant. "Blade Runner.")


First of all my employer as a benefit to every employee in the university gives us a free email address and the free use of their server as our ISP for 3 hours a day...but it's usually winds up being more as they only kick you off when students have midterms or finals...

Additionally they also give discounts on software and hardware...and I'm allowed to post during my lunch hours and during other slow periods...not that it's any of your business...

Nevertheless that did NOT give anybody here the right to trace me back through the use of my email address and post a university website on Stand Your Ground...

THAT did not GIVE anyone here the right to post my picture, address or telephone number here for any of you to have my contact information

THAT did not GIVE anyone here to right to post the pictures, address or telephone numbers of about 8 other people who work with me and had nothing to do with this...

Thus I have no sympathy whatsoever for whichever one of you winds up in trouble for this...

As far as I'm concerned this website serves no useful purpose on the internet other then to harrass people who you've decided you don't like...That is a violation of what the internet is supposed to be about, which is a free resources for everyone to use w/o having to worry that a bunch of overage internet thugs are going to harrass them if they don't like something they've written...

I hope due to this incident that I get this site closed down...that's my sincere hope...and if any of you manage to regroup somewhere else that it's a lesson learned to you about trying to bully and harrass others whose opinions you disagree with...


Update on NYMOM.

Ok folks buckle up and hang on to your hats.

The tally of E-mails she has sent to me TODAY is up to ... (drum roll) **10**.

I have told her repeatedly to stop E-mailing me.  In the interest of full disclosure, and in trying to remain calm and be a moderator, I left the caveat that if she had a valid complaint that she could forward me a link and what was being done to her.

But, in her LAST E-mail I told her to CEASE AND DESIST IN CONTACT (in all caps)

Her threats have grown ever more strident, she is threatening my career, my freedom, and trying to intimidate me.

Her E-mails were RANTS and "victimology" and all about how I was evil.

I have told her, and I am using a public forum to make sure this whacko knows this, that if I get **1** more E-mail from her that I will forward ALL (it's about 14-17) E-mails to her I.T. dept.

Many of these E-mails were sent from her work.  How do I know?  Because they had a "signature block" in them saying she was {name} [job title] {E-mail} and [phone number]

In other words, IMO, she sent them as an official representative of the University.

I sent ALL my E-mails from my home.  ALL OF THEM.

I may (and I honestly hope she comes to her senses)  need some support on this is she loses stability and decides to come tearing into my life.  I will not hesitate, and you all know I'm not one to go into ANYONE's life (hell, I don't know one last name of any SYG'er) .. but I have one trait that I stand by: I don't bluff.

If she E-mails me I am sending all the E-mails, and links to several posts of hers to her Department Chair, the Student Affairs Vice President, the President of the college, and am going to seek a restraining order on her.

I may need some help.  What help?  In the form of advice, help finding her most aggregious posts (done during work hours), and moral support.

She's becoming, IMO, unhinged that the PC 90's are over and that I won't roll over for her and lick her feet.

Sorry, aint happening.  Not in this lifetime.

I don't bend over.  

And .. I don't EVER bluff.

Just keeping the community informed.

Wish me luck.

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Isaiah 6:8
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"



As you can see from her post (which wasn't there when I started my post) this is what I am dealing with.

Is it becoming clear what I am having to fend off?

As you can see, threats, accusations, "victimology", and "how dare you post a male perspective" (that's a crime to Margaret, don't cha know) are WRONG.

The very IDEA that men speak out, have a forum, and excersice our rights should be STOMPED.

But, I don't need to go on: you can see it yourselves.

'Watch our backs at home, we'll guard the wall over here. You can sleep safe tonight, we'll guard the door."

Isaiah 6:8
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


Don't you dare try to make yourself a victim when, in fact, you have instigated this whole thing.  Those emails I sent to you were all in response to emails you sent me today...and all of yours were more attempts to continue instigating trouble, even directing me here to see this post with everything everyone on here said about me...

You obviously thought that I would be intimidated into dropping this if I saw all of the horrible things YOU instigated for everyone to say about me...

Clearly you don't know me very well to think that...

I don't know what got you started on this malicious campaign you have started against me but I intend to put a stop to it...I am not going to tolerate you and the rest of these thugs over here thinking that you are going to get away with what you pulled on Hugo Schwyzer with me...

You picked the wrong person this time...


"As you can see, threats, accusations, "victimology", and "how dare you post a male perspective" (that's a crime to Margaret, don't cha know) are WRONG. "

By the way...until you and anyone else on this board hears differently my name is NYMOM...

As I did NOT give you permission to call me by my first name.

Mr. Nickle

That is a violation of what the internet is supposed to be about, which is a free resources for everyone to use

The cognitive dissonance is blowing my mind.

The members of this forum, just as memebers of any other forum, would be included in the group of everyone that you mention.

The free resources for everyone to use would be information - such as information you freely posted all over hell's half-acre.

So, therefore, by your own words, information on the internet is for the use of everyone, that includes those you may not like, but that's just tough shit, now isn't it?

Somehow I don't think you'd be all upset if someone tracked you down and sent you a hero-worship, e-mail saying how right they thought you were and recommended that all their friends read your disgusting, hate-speech that you smear all over the internet for everyone to use freely. (Everyone of course except those who may not agree with you - they should not be allowed to use the internet because you say so)

As far as a violation of what the internet was intended for - who made you the final voice on that? The internet was never intended for commercial use, but there you go, it is now, and there is nothing you can do about it. People hate spammers, but they are there. Pop-ups are a violation of everything sacred as far as I am concerned but that's just my opinion and I have to live with it.

As has been stated to you several times. Beene never posted your information. He removed it for you and tried to help you. You're the one who stupidly posted your work email with your blogger id information which you want people to see. You have no one to blame but yourself. If you don't want to be on the web, don't post on it.
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dr e

Okay, enough is enough.  This thread has seen its usefulness.

Thread closed.

NYMOM if you would like to discuss issues with us that would be a good thing.    All of the blaming and shaming is getting old.  Let's talk issues.
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