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Started by The Biscuit Queen, Apr 17, 2005, 09:56 AM

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The Biscuit Queen

Typhon, I knew you really liked me...

Just didn't realize in what  way :oops:

Roy, what exactly would you like me to say?

I have been around between here and Mensactivism for 3 years. I do not carefully hide myself, as you have seen here I sometimes post without thinking, and as TB knows I sometimes post way too much info about myself,so if any bad intentions were there they certainly would have come out by now.

I am a dog trainer, and most of my job is trying to simplify ideas so that my students understand them. I use a lot of analogies in doing so, many of them animal related. I get rave reviews by my students at my ability to make things clear.  That slides into my posting, because that is the way I think. This is not the first time that a person has gotten upset online at being 'compared 'to an animal, but always in the past when I explain my point they understood. I will try not to use analogies any more. Obviously some people will always be more literal than I thought.

I have great respect for many of the people here, and grudging respect for others. I would not insult them. I may disagree with them, I may argue with them, and because this is SYG and not Trish's blog I am able to do so. And others are able to disagree with me. Like you have been doing. And we are not banned, or insulted, or railroaded out. That was the point of my post.

The irony is that I meant this to be a final word to the harpies at Trishes, and I am sure they are all having a good laugh at my expense, while completely missing the point. So Roy, you must be working under God's hand to remind me of something -humility. So thank you. I will take my lessons when they come to me, in whatever vessel they come in.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


All I have to say is...

"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken." -- Frank Perdue
Are you a man?', that's what she asked, as if I were wearing a man mask. -- Sean Altman

Shades of Pale

Well count me for one who not only thought it was a good analogy, but also one damned fine post.   I'm glad it was not wasted merely on those screeching harpies (or cackling hens), that it was not merely cast out as pearls before swine, but that we were privy to it as well.

They show their idiocy in that when you speak they simply scream BIGOT! LIAR! MISOGYNIST!  instead of, you know, reading what you ACTUALLY said and responding to it.  Feminism can't endure even the dimmest setting of the light of truth.   They have nothing, absolutely nothing left except screaming and panic.   Just like you said BQ.   Great post!


I thought it was a good analogy as well. It made me chuckle while clarifying your point BQ.

Keep up the good work. :wink:
Feminism is the product of female selfishness, compounded by male chivalry.

- Peter Zohrab -

richard ford

I agree, and also like the 'diary' touch in your posts BQ. Men compartmentalise their lives more than women so both sexes have different ways of relating on boards. Neither is the 'right' way.

You are well liked here BQ, I think.


The Biscuit Queen is very genuine - WYSIWYG.

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