Male-directed media smear campaigns denigrating women

Started by HombreVIII, Apr 14, 2005, 07:33 AM

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Conspiracy Theory

Quote from: "FloorPie"
Or what gender-neutralized, social-engineering experts would LOVE to see more of, which is...little tykes without Mom around...that is their vision of a 'brave new world' order...

Of course, and after years of not having daddy around, now the kids will get used to the state nanny taking care of them instead of mommy. I thought women wanted men to be more active in their kids lives? As per usual,now that they have what they said they wanted, you have some women saying that its all a bid for men to be "in-charge", again.

The state has always wanted your children.  This divide and conquer scheme was always in the works.  Get rid of daddy, then begin to get rid of mommy.  Why is this chick suprized?  Or is she in fact one of them?  State social enginerist that is.
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There is no state. There is only MOTHER.


TB -- There is no state. There is only MOTHER.


And all my life I've been resisting the wrong tyrant.

I've wasted years in anti-feminist political causes.

I could have cut directly to the source!

Thank you TB.

It's all so simple.

Do I have your permission to go kill my mother now?

(She's old and feeble.... so it won't take more than a little push down the stairs...)
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