Today I realised I am a liar.

Started by richard ford, Apr 18, 2005, 12:16 PM

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richard ford

Today I realised I am a liar.

I started to register my site with search engines today and had to describe my site.

This is what I said.

A practical guide for surviving the feminist gulag and breaking out.

How to deal with feminist harassment, and work on a tropical island. Pay less tax, discover the value of male friendship and achieve freedom.

Take part in the birth of a new civilization.

Not to bad for a blurb but what have I given you?

Articles with strange names that burst from my chest like the monster in Alien. First comes the name 'my life as a reptile' ext, but what does it mean? I have as little idea as yourselves until the article is finished. Then I am left tired and exhilarated at the same time and read my words as if they were written by another person who knows me better than myself.

This is not a blog. It is therapy and a headwank all in one.

So I have been lying to you.

My first blurb sounded interesting. I think I will do it.

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