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Started by richard ford, Apr 19, 2005, 12:41 AM

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richard ford

News from the frontline.

I attended the first meeting of the Mankind Initiative in London recently. I have put so much information out on the net about it that I thought that some of you would like to know how it went.

I came to the meeting in a state on high anticipation rather like a child on Christmas morning. This was my first opportunity to join a group or men I real life (as opposed to cyberspace) who were determined to do something about the shit we face every day. Mankind has always been my favourite men's rights organization because it tries to help male victims of domestic violence (which I was once).

To me cyber activity is a way of  letting off steam but I do not mistake it for men's rights activism. If men were facing attacks from feminist virus writers or hackers then maybe a cyber approach would do. Unfortunately the internet is the only area where men are relatively safe and respected. Our problems start when we log off and the real world begins. We may be assaulted by women at will (the police rarely take action) thrown out of our own homes and denied access to our own children. At work we may be sexually harassed, put down or unfairly passed over for promotion in the name of positive discrimination. In other words- we have to log off and get angry.

I found a group of about twenty five men and one woman with an average age about thirty five. Much of this meeting was taken up with the rather dull business of electing officers and so forth but it became clear that many of the men who join such groups are quite damaged. I do not mean any disrespect when I say this- I myself suffer flashbacks to a number of near fatal incidents in my relationship so I am to a degree damaged myself. My point is that anyone who seriously intends to become involved with the offline men's movement needs to be a diplomat. There are nearly as many men's rights organizations in the UK as there are activists! It is possible to draw a tree diagram showing that each of these groups split from an organization that still exists- the United Kingdom Men's Movement. Each of these groups is run by a quite brilliant and charismatic man but there is room for only one such man in the organization. This is less of a problem than it might be because each of these little groups are doing something useful on their own.
This small band of damaged warriors face a task that would frighten angels. We have to set up battered men's hostels, educate the police and social services and then make sure male victims know about the change.

Then we will work to improve the image of men in the media and then.....

All this must be done with a few damaged men and one hundred pounds. The impossibility of it all inspires me! The feminists started with even less- they did not even have internal logic!!

Whatever trials may lay ahead, the revolution has at last begun in London.

I am on my way.

It will not be easy. We will be slandered, libelled, harassed by the authorities and ignored. We will have stupid and pointless splits and arguments...

But we are on our way.

It feels good.


sadly i couldnt attend the meeting. i am very interested in this mankind initiative though and would definitely like to join, i live near london so transport should not be a problem.

I am 17 and part of new generation- one that has not been domestically assaulted by women, subject to unfair divorce trials and parental courts. This  generation is asking questions, and has grown up with social injustice, and is still seeing it develop. Im sure that here the seeds for a successful mens movement lies, and i would be very interested in any positive action i could take towards this.

i am still at school so that creates timing and independance issues, but when i do finally leave the prospect of taking a gap year to contribute seems like a good one.

i would be interested to hear details


Good  luck,  brothers.   You  bring  me  hope.   May   the  Initiative   live  long  and   prosper.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.


Richard Ford
I attended the first meeting of the Mankind Initiative in London recently. I have put so much information out on the net about it that I thought that some of you would like to know how it went.

well...YES!    *sheesh*  Keep it comming!

with vast encouragement and support ,

richard ford


Thanks for the message. I am glad you have managed to 'get it' before any of these bad things happen to you. Some men get screwed over and over and still they cannot see it.

Suffering is certainly no sort of qualificaltion. Would you consider joining the national organisation until you can get involved localy? It is 20pa or 500 life which would be the best value in your case as you are so young!

I would like to see some sort of resistance to feminism in the schools and universities. Feminism has two great training camps. The social work/domestic violence/divorce industry creates the rank and file feminist while the universities train the officer class.

Any thoughts?


Fraternities   in  colleges  are   the  ideal  male   meeting  place.   Men  are  safe  there  since  it's  an  all-male  environment  and  men  don't   have  to  censor   themselves.  Fraternities  don't  allow   female  members,  that's  what  sororities  are   for.   We   could  spread  the  message  to  these  young  men  and  accomplish  something  along  the  way.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.


Quote from: "blackmanx"
Fraternities   in  colleges  are   the  ideal  male   meeting  place.   Men  are  safe  there  since  it's  an  all-male  environment  and  men  don't   have  to  censor   themselves.  Fraternities  don't  allow   female  members,  that's  what  sororities  are   for.   We   could  spread  the  message  to  these  young  men  and  accomplish  something  along  the  way.

BOLD portion:  And this is truly what feminists hate.  They cry "rape" (while ever expanding the definition, but not talking about drunk lesbian "seductions") but in reality a place for men only twists their panties.

Italics portion: some "fraternities" are Co-ed.

'Watch our backs at home, we'll guard the wall over here. You can sleep safe tonight, we'll guard the door."

Isaiah 6:8
"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"


My  fraternity  is  all-male,  as  it  should  be.  Some  of  them  are   MRA-sympathetic.  I've   given  them   the  flyers  I   usually  carry  with  me.  They  find  it  interesting    but  the   frat   leaders   have  another  agenda.   I  respect  that.   Maybe  someday   things  will  change.   I ( we) will  have to  work  for  that.   Peace.
y book, Men's Rights Activists.

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