The Submarine

Started by richard ford, Apr 22, 2005, 11:16 AM

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richard ford

The Submarine

The submarine is a man who values his privacy. He is not secretive because he has nothing to be secretive about (being of high morals). Nevertheless he wishes to maintain a piece of his life for himself.

The submarine recognises that innocence is no guarantee that he will be left alone. In the UK they have proposed laws that will allow the Home Secretary to place people under house arrest or otherwise restrict their movements even though they have committed no crime. All that is needed is for the Home Secretary to have some reason to believe a terrorist act is planned and likely. There are also proposals to restrict hate speech directed at religions. This initially sounds quite reasonable. Who could be in favour of hating someone because of their religion? In reality it is far more likely to be used against people who point out the various absurdities in religion and to expose the people who really are stirring up hate speech in the name of religion. Anyone who wishes to save a friend from the influence of a cult could be hit by these laws, as could anyone who objects to radical Islam.

Let us consider a possibility that I consider to be quite likely. Imagine a man who has lost his children in divorce. He is living in a rented room while his former wife occupies his former home with her new pretty boy boyfriend. Naturally the real father is expected to support not only his wife but the new boyfriend as well as he is far too good looking to work.

He works night and day to do this and still cannot see his child. One day he learns that his child is being abused. The police, the law courts, everyone ridicules him.

He cracks- and stabs a corrupt judge to death.

It is discovered that he is a member of several men's organizations. The Home Secretary then announces that these are terrorist organizations and sweeps the whole movement into prison. This is where men tend to 'slip on soap' or hang themselves if they know too much.

Your privacy then becomes a matter of life or death- literally.

How does one disappear by degrees? Behaving as if one has something to hide has the opposite effect and will draw attention to oneself. If fact there is no need to live on the edge of society just yet. It is still possible to remain within mainstream society and speak the truth as long as one is careful. Some degree of freedom is still available on the Internet and it is still possible to stand on a soapbox at speakers corner. These are confusing times to live in because it is impossible to know just how free or enslaved our society is. The mainstream media pumps out feminist pap with a consistency that would make Stalin proud yet man remain free to organize if they wish. It is possible to have private conversations without fear of punishment (provided you are not overheard at work) and it is still possible to read books that contain values other than feminist orthodoxy provided they were written some time ago. Our society could be described as 'dictatorship with a smiling face'. It has found that it is more effective to control people through indirect means than direct. If there were death camps and overt censorship then the people would rebel so they have placed these things with indirect mechanisms such as self censorship and laws that seem to protect the individual. If these fail we may see a return to the more traditional 'boot-in-the-groin' methods before they are overthrown. We must use the time given to us to prepare to disappear if needs be. We must have sufficient liquid funds to make our home abroad and support ourselves there. We must also learn to 'go grey' in our own countries so that we will not be noticed very much by the state. This does not involve giving up activism (our only defence) but does involve not making it easy to point fingers at us. Our lives must be beyond reproach and it should be disproportionately difficult to track our movements.

Did you know that it was possible to track your movements every moment you have your mobile phone switched on? Get rid of it!! (Particularly if it is an Orange).

Use public transport whenever possible (which also brings environmental benefits.)

Use cash to obtain essential goods more cheaply (supermarkets that do not accept cards are generally cheaper) but do not become obsessive about this- you have nothing to hide remember. Some people are worried about loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are mainly used by companies to understand the buying process. In other words they can find out whether men like pizzas more than women or whether the purchase of beer makes the purchase of pizza more or less likely. Some people get quite worried about such attempts to get inside the head of the consumer but I can see nothing wrong with it. These cards can be used to pinpoint your movements but there are many easier ways to do it such as credit card bills.

Make contacts overseas and obtain joint citizenship if possible. This will provide a bolt hole if things become very difficult at home. The feminist establishment would generally prefer to see you leave the country than have the problem of imprisoning you at home so you are unlikely to be detained.

Here is a list of feminist crimes that are impossible to disprove.

Grooming. There is no way of knowing the age of the person you are talking to in a chat room. Many teenagers like to pass themselves off as older than they are. This is part of growing up. A girl of 14 or even less can mimic the talk of an adult woman quite easily. She can do this because the magazines she reads describe situations and problems a 14 year old would not be expected to know about. Girls have a curiosity about adulthood that boys of the same age seem to lack. My advice would be to avoid chat rooms altogether.

Pornography. Many people of both sexes enjoy tying one another up and this is a completely harmless pass time. Unfortunately there are feminists who are trying to equate this with rape. Even though almost everyone uses the net for porn- nobody will admit it and thus nobody will defend you. Be careful what you download and never, never use the word 'girls' when you want to see women. Your engine may get literal on you!

You should also note that ISP's track your activity by law. Deleting your al harassment. This is also a subjective definition. There is nothing in the world that cannot be called sexual harassment. I would advise you to counter attack. There will certainly be something equally flirtatious said by her that you can be shocked by. Be more loudly shocked than she is! You will usually find that women who do this have a history of doing it with many men.

Be boring! When a woman takes an interest in you- bore her. She may be assessing you for a feminist scam such as sexual harassment. Alternatively she could be thinking of sleeping with you. If you reject her they she will probably claim that you made unwelcome advances. Boredom kills lust better than anything I know.

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