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Started by Assault, Apr 28, 2005, 04:38 AM

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Christina Hoff-Summers was on the Daily show with Jon Stewart last night. Man, did she come off great! I'd never heard or read anything from her before, but after seeing her last night, I;m very interested in reading her books!

What an intelligent and logical person she seems to be!! 8)
Feminism is the product of female selfishness, compounded by male chivalry.

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I wonder if she has a website or e-mail address? I'd like to write her and thank her for being courageous enough to stand up to the political correct bullshit in society.
Feminism is the product of female selfishness, compounded by male chivalry.

- Peter Zohrab -



Get and read her books they are absolutly amazing and so refeshing they are logical and well reasoned.

Even though her subject matter relates deirectly to the US I found it still to be extreamly relevant to my life in the UK.

Some may not like it here but she is a feminist that I really like and admire  :oops:

Honestly really try to read her stuff it is great.

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She's a feminist? :shock:  Damn. :?
Feminism is the product of female selfishness, compounded by male chivalry.

- Peter Zohrab -

The Biscuit Queen

Read Who Stole Feminism -excellent book!
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She is indeed a rare jewel.

I liked her the first time I read that she was booed off stage by a bunch of hairy lesbian feminists. She's the real deal. I'm sure a GOOGLE search will find an abundance of articles written by Christina.


It seems to me that a real "feminist" would actually promote many of the ideals that most of us at SYG do. I.e., if women really wanted to be decent, just, moral people who are considered competent, capable, and accountable...that would seem to be a "real feminist movement." What has passed for feminism is largely a veiled selfish narcissism and avoidance of responsibility. I have to think that if we could start the ball rolling towards women realizing this, we would find that men have more and more "allies" in this movement. I think a big part of the probelm today is the old brand of feminsim has brainwashed entire generations fo women. Many young women today are already dissacociated from the "feminsit" label because they see how ridiculous it is. But they still staunchly hold on to male-bashing, no-fault divorce, alimony in it's currents tate, and double standards which generally shield them from shame, balme, responsibility, and accountability.

I still believe a lot of women are decent enough human beings that if they actually heard things from a different perspective than what they've been bombarded with at every turn since childhood, they might feel a little differently. I don't think most women would want to be considered helpless victims IF they actually REALIZED that is how they are currently treated.


Don't make excuses for them.
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I wasn't making excuses for them...simply pointing out that a few outspoken "role models" was all it took to launch the feminist movement. Imagine if a few modern day women spoke out about "gender equality" in a simialr manner and pointed out how the old brand of feminism is a.) hateful and ugly and destructive, b.) chilish and self-centered, and c.) treats all women as children who are largely dependent on the government, their control of sex as a means of getting what they want from men, and their alleged status as victims who need to be coddled.

I'm just saying that if some real women starting getting this message out to women, we might see a lot of women begin to reconsider whether "feminism" as we know it has done more to help or hurt them. Couple a cognitive shift such as this among women with a  growing movement among men to a.) disprove the popualr myths about lazy/violent/useless/stupid/sex-crazed men and b.) push for gender justice and true gender equality. I see a very positive synergy if both men and women could feel a vested interest in a gender equality movement.

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Well, it is making excuses. If that is true, anyone who feels the need to represent them knows deep inside that the proof is in the cake, kid. If it ain't cake, who's fault is that? No one needs to bash women, but women are representatives of themselves just as any man is. No excuses needed for me, there shouldn't be a need for them either.


Well, that balances out perfectly, since Maureen Dowd was on Real Time with Bill Maher this week!  :evil:  How could you, Bill?!  I didn't even catch her portion of the show so I can't tell you how she came off, but the fact that Bill Maher would even allow that trollop on his show has been a serious blow to his respect points in my mind.


Young women have grown up in a society saturated with feminist dogma; it's time they were provided with an alternative vision based upon truth and reason.

It's not about making excuses; it's about appealing to the best in people.


I think the daily show is hilarious.  Sadly, compared to the regular news shows, the daily show seems more real and honest than the normal news shows.  In my opinion.

I'll have to watch this one.


I assume that the crowd at the 'Daily Show' was more gracious than this mob

"Even Jay Wade, a psychologist who also appeared at the conference, told Kurtz that Sommers' speech was ended not because she was over any time limit, but
because CSAP didn't want anyone criticizing "Girl Power." And Wade is hardly a person likely to be sympathetic to Sommers. In fact, while Sommers and Bass
were discussing whether or not Sommers speech would continue, Wade lost his temper and told Sommers, "Shut the fuck up, bitch" at which point the assembled
crowd at the conference erupted in laughter."


I caught the re-run last night.

She was on the show promoting her newest book, "One Nation Under Therapy."

While Jon mentioned that she was the author of "The War Against Boys" and "Who Stole Feminism", the two discussed nary a word about Feminism. Instead, their discussion was geared toward the "feel-good" and "self-esteem" culture that is being taught in our schools (which is probably directly related to Feminism). She noted that dodge ball has been outlawed in many schools, as has tag. Instead, the children are encouraged to play "Circle of Friends", where they all sit around in a circle and share their feelings. Jon had fun with this and made some allusions to the UN being just one big circle of friends.

It was an entertaining interview.
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