I need a million pounds.

Started by richard ford, May 06, 2005, 03:09 AM

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richard ford

I need a million pounds! Copyright Richard Ford.

I need a million pounds- I am sure that most of us do but my ambition is to kick start the men's movement in the UK with this money. Even one million pounds may seem insignificant when compared to the twenty seven million pounds (each year!) the Government gives to the feminists for domestic violence programmes, or the way that almost any Government comes with feminism riding on its coattails. Nevertheless, I have set this goal for myself because it seems impossible but is probably just about doable.

How might a working class man make this money honestly? I have written a great deal about overcoming stress and materialism in life by learning to live with less. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage as I can now live quite comfortably with very little but have not thought very much about how to raise my income. I live a blissfully simple and stress free life living day to day and working when I need to. I am also carrying quite a lot of debt from my marriage, I have an overdraft of about 2800 ($4000) which I urgently need to reduce before I do anything else. Fortunately there are no nasty bills hiding round the corner apart from my divorce which is grinding its way through the courts right now.

I need a plan to make me rich. I am 43 year old man who was severely injured and left to die by his former wife. Quite apart from the physical pain  I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (flashbacks ext). Objectively it would seem that I had very little chance of success. I have been worn down, my belongings destroyed, my bones broken. Yet I have some things going for me. I have supported woman for many years and this means that I have become used to working long hours and consuming very little of what I produce. Women have become convinced that they need twenty pairs of shoes or they cannot live. Men have no such illusions.

The first requirement of accumulating money is not a large income. It is the ability to generate a surplus and I can do this quite easily. If you have been supporting a woman and somehow managing to survive then it is child's play to put a little aside each month when you are supporting only yourself.

As some of you will know I have created a charitable trust - the Richard Ford Charitable Trust which exists to help other men through the nightmare of domestic violence and divorce. This contains about 3000 at present and I hope to add to it soon. I have also joined a number of useful men's organizations such as the Mankind Initiative. When I add all these sums together I find that I am slightly under half of one percent towards my target. This may be encouraging or discouraging depending on how one chooses to look at it. The first ten thousand pounds will be the hardest because interest has not yet started to do my work for me. The first ten thousand will have to be paid in sweat but each time I do this it will be easier than the last.

My first aim is to set up a positive cash flow. This will be accomplished from June onwards as I will have paid off all of the loans I took in order to keep my former wife happy. I will have a surplus of about four hundred pounds a month to play with.

Four hundred pounds a month is not much in a city such as London. It is important that this money is not simply frittered away as it could so easily be. I must find a way of using this money to generate a snowball effect so that my income increases each month.

The really great thing about starting from this very low level is that every one of you can read my progress and say to yourself 'Yes! I could do this too'.

How many of you could make some modest sacrifices and put aside $600 each month? $400? $200? All of you, probably.

If you can generate a surplus over your living expenses and interest payments then you can grow rich- fact. Your income is irrelevant.

By posting my plans on the net I commit myself to them because I will have to explain to you all why nothing has happened if I do not!

JUNE 2005
My overdraft will peak and then start to reduce. I will be feeling the benefit of no longer paying off loans but have made promises to my bank to reduce my overdraft as soon as possible.

I will also no longer be paying interest on my credit cards and will use them for loyalty points and for interest free credit only. This will gain me about ten pounds a month.

JULY 2005
My overdraft continue to fall. I will increasingly use gift vouchers (from my railway company) to pay for groceries ext. This will save me another ten pounds a month- perhaps more. Take some mystery shopping work when I enjoy it and have time. This will bring in another forty pounds a month or so.

Pay for a language teaching course. Overdraft rises temporarily.

The important fact to remember is that you can do the same. I will keep you posted.

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