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Started by Mr Benn, May 07, 2005, 07:20 AM

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Mr Benn

You know all the stuff about "why men earn more" (The warren farrell book), showing that the reason men earn more is nothing to do with a glass ceiling? Well, I'm debating a chivilrous male about this on another forum and hes saying I just have opinions and no stats. Does anyone have the stats on this?


I'm sure there are more comprehensive lists out there, but I came across this yesterday:
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Mr Benn

dr e

Just a few titles from the tables in Farrells book:

page 12  -- 39 Fields in which women earn at least 5% more than men
Here's a sample:

Sales Engineers
Engineering managers
Aerospace Engineers
Financial Analysts
Radiation Therapists
Tool and Die maker
Biological Technicians
Library Technicians
Telephone Operators
Crossing guards

page 15 -- 29 College Majors that lead to women with bachelors degrees being offered higher starting salaries than men:

here's a sample of the 29:
Computer programming
Petroleum engineering
Information Sciences and systems
Computer programming
Mechanical engineering

page 17 -- 26 occupations in which women with bachelors degrees (without regard to college major) received starting offers greater than men's:

Here's a sample of the 26:
Investment Banking 57k women vs 49k men (116%)
Military 36k women vs 34.7k men (104%)
Public Relations  31.4 women vs 30.6k for men (102%)
Religious occupation 30k women vs 20k men  (147%)
Dietician  23k women vs 18k men (130%)

Basically he says that when you take into account the 25 factors that it shows that there is no wage gap in fact it goes the other way and it is the men who are making less.  The book is thoroughly documented and highly recommended.  The data is drawn from Census Bureau data.
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Mr Benn

Thank you Herr Doctor.

If anyone wants to come over and back me up, here is a URL that will take you there:

dr e

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Basically I would urge you to hammer away at the fact that the .73 cents on a dollar is based completey on the MEDIAN income of men and women.  The feminist take this stat which by itself means very little and try to infer that this must be an indication of discrimination against women.  This is total bullshit.  Every reputable party who has investigated this has been very clear that the median income has absolutely nothing to do with discrimination.  This of course doesn't stop the feminists from screeching their propaganda all over and whipping women into a victimhood frenzy.  It's disgusting and intellectually dishonest.  And so it goes.

The important variable here is that we all have choices about the work we do.  Farrell's book is a great source to show that women tend to choose work that will allow them flexibilty and therefore a "better" life, that is one that they have more control over.  Men otoh make choices that simply make more money. Choices like working dangerous professions, working longer hours, commuting farther differences, working more overtime, working more continuous years at the same job and on and on.  One of the most brilliant things about the Farrell book is his pointing out that among non-married men and women there is no wage gap difference.  In fact women earn more than men.  It isn't until the men marry that they feel the heavy burden of responsibility to earn more money in order to provide for their families.  Of course feminists know this very well but choose to not publicise it.   :wink:

Farrell takes 25 choices that men and women make and shows that if you take these variables into account that wage discrimination does indeed appear.  It shows that it is the men who are discriminated against!  

The book is focused on showing women how to make more money by making difference choices but also is about showing men ways to make choices to help them move towards better lives.

Feel free to copy and paste any of this as your own if you would like.

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Mr Benn

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I tried to register but it wouldn't let me.    :cry:

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Thanks for the info.

Mr Benn

What this all boils down to is the fact that modern women *STILL* prefer to marry men who earn more than them, OR to give up work, or go part-time when they marry.


I found this line rather amusing:

I think that the choices men and women make are still influenced heavily by a society which has specific gender spheres. Even if a woman wants to take an out-of-town position which pays well and requires overtime and travel, chances are that she has family commitments that a man in her position wouldn't.

Apparently, men don't have family commitments the same or similar to women. I hear a lot about divorces that happen because "dad" is never home to help with the kids or spend time with his wife but society(and many women) still views him as the primary earner who should be working his tail off to provide for his family.

Mr Benn

Its all a load of bullshit excuses. If the woman was truly willing to be the family breadwinner and have a stay-at-home hubby there was absolutely nothing to stop her from marrying a man like that.

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