CPS Takes Custody Of Girl, 12, Refusing Cancer Treatment

Started by woof, Jun 09, 2005, 05:45 AM

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This is an article about how our government decided that it didn't like how these parents were taking care of their daughters cancer treatments, so they took her away from them!
Are we still living in the USA?


Even a whole village can't replace dad, children need both parents.


We had a case like this in Utah a few months ago, except the parents left the state with their child.  The govenor actually had to intervene.

I think I've losing it on this kind of issue.  I'm actually beginning to think a parent is justified to take up arms against the state to protect their family.  

Wasn't  that the original purpose behind the right to bare arms?
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Lock and load.
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Arte Grey

Reading the article answered my only question about this.. "Which was, Is the 12 year old's opinion being given weight?"  At the surface, these are not "wacko fundimentalists" denying their child medical treatment against her will.  She seems to know the gravity of her illness, what her options are, and is looking at it from a "quality of life" standpoint.

12 year olds are often given weight in deciding who to live with during divorce, whether or not to use birth control, even whether or not to have a child (should they be unfortunate enough to become pregnant.  Most religions consider that age a good time to ask young people to consider re-committing to the faith as a "young adult."   Her voice should be considered.  Remission rates for many types of cancer are high.  Hopefully, if something should happen later that she would change her mind, she could...
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Katie's mother was arrested Saturday after she allegedly kidnapped her daughter last Wednesday before CPS tried to take custody of the girl.

Officials in Corpus Christi issued an Amber Alert Wednesday for Katie, but it was canceled Saturday after authorities found the girl and her mother at the family's ranch in Freer.

Katie's mother was charged with interfering with child custody. She was released Monday from the Nueces County Jail after her husband, Edward, paid a $50,000 bond.

CPS also took custody of Katie's three siblings because their mother refused to cooperate with their investigation into the issue. A court hearing to determine who will be given custody of the children was set for June 15.

Katie's family has maintained a blog on the situation at prayforkatie.blogspot.com. The online journal offers updates on Katie's progress and allows supporters to leave messages for her.

This is the most egregious kind of bullshit. An amber alert for trying to protect your own child??!! Typical of how far the shit has gone. :evil:
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We'll be seeing more and more headlines like this.
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