Brown Doc Martins

Started by richard ford, Jun 16, 2005, 10:43 AM

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richard ford

Brown Doc Martins. Copyright Richard Ford.

Do you have any unwanted brown shoe polish in your home? I bet you do. It tends to come with the black in shoe cleaning kits and yet men do not have brown things to use it on. This is a shame because brown shoe polish stains better than black- it has some sort of artificial die to it so the shoes do not scuff much. Furthermore because they are brown they can get dusty without looking to scruffy.

I have decided to buy a pair of brown Doc Martins to wear on my days off. They will go some way to paying for themselves.

If you wonder why I am bothering you with such trivial news you are missing the point. Saving money is all about detail, detail, detail. Money can never be saved 'in principle' - it can only be saved in specific ways.

Every week I will do this- find some small way to make my life cheaper and easier. Each week I will tell you what I have done and you will either take my advice or not.

Perhaps you have your own ideas.

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