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Started by richard ford, Jun 15, 2005, 08:04 AM

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richard ford

Men's Environmental Network- a progress report. Copyright Richard Ford.

I have written about the need for a 'green' men's movement and the need to make sure that it is more than one more protest movement. I want men to move directly towards a solution to these problems rather than simply point out what should be done (a very easy and cost free option on the internet).

Furthermore I believe that I am now in profit! Consuming less of the worlds resources should always save you money- anyone who tries to sell you an environmentally sustainable lifestyle that costs more than what you are paying now is a conman. It is rather as if you were in a café and were not particularly hungry- you ask for small portions and were charged more as a result!

The great advantage of this approach is that it is possible to start very small and then grow. If you have a garden of piece of land then create a composting system so that the ground becomes more fertile over time. You can also enjoy delicious, free food while getting more exercise.

Unfortunately I have no garden so I must start with what I have. A few years ago I invested in a wind farm (that turns wind into power). I received tax breaks for doing so and also receive a good dividend. This money was reinvested into a second company that sells ecological products by post. One of the benefits of this is that I receive a discount on my purchases of  twenty percent. I am buying a 'T Wave' (which used to be called Tsunami Wave) that bounces around in the washing machine and supposedly means that no washing powder is needed. I have bought a steam cleaner that makes a frightening noise but can clean anything in the home without chemicals. I hope that both of these things will save me money in the longer term but this is only a side product- the main profit is that my home is emptying of chemicals and I am poisoning the world less. I am using a toothpaste tube squeezer and shaving with a brush.

The 'men going their own way' philosophy is about being free of entrapment and complexity. This comes in many forms- some legal, such as marriage, some emotional such as dependence upon women for approval. We have entrapment due to debt and entrapment due to materialism. Living 'green' can help to free us from the need to own things. If managed well it will also free us from debt.
I will let you know how it goes.

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