Started by richard ford, Jun 16, 2005, 01:04 AM

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richard ford

Ciao! Copyright Richard Ford.

Some message boards will pay you to post your opinions. This may seem too good to be true but interesting opinions draw people to websites and advertising can be sold off the back of this. You will probably never make a living from this- but then again it has been done. The secret is to find the right board and to be intelligently active.

One such board is Ciao! This board seeks opinionated people to rate different products or services they may have used, sharing their opinions with potential buyers. Unfortunately nobody will pay for men's rights opinions as such because reading such opinions does not fill one with a desire to buy anything. Advertisers can be fairly sure that people reading reviews of digital cameras (for instance) are quite likely to buy one at some point so are willing to pay for even unfavourable reviews.

Predictably this activity is dominated by women at present. Women love to shop and they love to talk- Ciao combines both activities so it is bound to be a hit with them. There is nothing preventing us from getting involved ourselves, and the very minimum it will achieve is the following.

1. It will put some money in the pockets of men. Probably not a great deal but every little helps.

2. It will make the needs and opinions of men known to the wider world. It is pretty clear that industry, advertising and government is pandering only to the needs of women. This is because women are more vocal consumers than men.

3. By joining through my website you may support my site at no cost to yourself.

4. Membership entitles you to place a little information on yourself that may be read by other members. Remember to mention your favourite men's rights organization!

5. Best of all- it is all completely free!

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