Supermarket loyalty cards.

Started by richard ford, Jun 16, 2005, 01:26 AM

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richard ford

Supermarket loyalty cards. Copyright Richard Ford.

The high street and most of industry is still living in the 1950's and believes that all household shopping is done by suburban Stepford wives while 'real men' have no interest in food until it reaches their plate. We can tell this because of the relentless focus upon women by advertisers and the denigration of men- if advertisers knew than most men shop they may stop insulting us.

Strangely, they have no excuse for not knowing this. They have loyalty cards. I suspect that some men do not bother with them very much or value their privacy more. I think we should all start collecting our points like women- and write in every time they insult us. In this way they can see what they are loseing.

Some supermarkets will send discount vouchers by email- register for these and make it clear you are a man. Join Ciao from my website and fill in paid surveys- this will make men's needs and opinions even better known.

Silent no more.

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