What mothers admit to.......interesting

Started by SIAM, Jun 15, 2005, 02:27 PM

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"I could never destroy the relationship between our child(ren) and my husband".

Indeed the very quote that started this thread could be seen as supporting evidence of Sir Percy's hypothesis.

This quote certainly doesn't show any concern or caring for the husband himself, does it?

As for Sir Percy's statement that men love women more than women love men... this may be true, considering a woman's "love" seems to be directly proprtional to her "need" for a man to support her (be it financially, "functionally", or emotionally) and/or that man's performance in meeting her requests/demands.

Which brings up another point- yes, generally speaking it IS women who request/require/expect/demand more from men. All this business about "lazy men expecting their women to clean up after them/cook for them/do every little thing for them" is pretty much a relic left over from unsatisfied hosuewives in the days when yes indeed that is what her end of the deal was while hubby was out giving the family an income, and it's also a racket to divert attention AWAY from how demanding women actually are. I'm speaking from personal experience here, but most guys don't really seem to expect  too much from women... love me, be supportive of me, take interest in me, help me out when I need it, be a friend, be a companion to do things with, be a sex partner. Women seem much more demanding in terms of needing help and support for every little thing... men appreciate help and favors but only ask it when it is really needed; women pretty much seem to expect help and favors to be the norm; men appreciate it when help is given, women expect it and raise hell when it is not given. Think about it... is it not ironic that she complains about his "lack of support" or how she must "cook and clean" for him, then comes to him seeking help with ever little task or issue from resolving an interpersonal issue with a coworker to a plugged up toilet to a funny noise in the vacuum cleaner? It's just my experience that women will seek/expect/demand help with things that men would just do themselves unceremoniously and probably never even feel the need to mention...


I've thought that too, Realman.

I don't know how much it compares with men and women in general, but my personal experience with several women has been that they tended to throw all of their problems on me.  In a few extreme cases, they also tended to somehow put the blame on me for things that were out of the control of either of us (i.e. SHE gets into a car accident by herself, without me being anywhere near the events, and it is somehow my fault - I'm not kidding).

On the other hand, I've met some women who are fair and logical, and who actually put some work into something, so they exist.  I guess my focus is more and more on avoiding the women I first mentioned like the plague.  You will just serve them your whole life and not even get any gratitude or recognition that you are doing anything at all.  I don't want THAT type of woman anymore.

I hate to be a sarcastic dink (which I am, though) ... but maybe it's better that lots of men are more likely to go for a woman who can paint her toenails mauve.  It'd be a hellish world if all men suddenly woke up to what is really important in a woman  - morals, work ethic, fairness, logic, intelligence and those kinds of things - because then everyone would be competing for that type of woman.

Shades of Pale

(i.e. SHE gets into a car accident by herself, without me being anywhere near the events, and it is somehow my fault - I'm not kidding)

:lol:  I've known people like that - both sexes but more often women.  Sometimes it's hilarious what they end up blaming their partners for!  Definitely not good spouse material :D

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