Angry Harry Has Stopped updating his Website!

Started by Tigerman, Jun 17, 2005, 03:33 AM

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Dear All

I have decided to stop updating angryharry with general news items of interest to men and will now concentrate on other areas of activism.

Thoughts anyone?


I think Harry has done what he set out to do, and given the men's movement an online presence which has spawned others. The reason I post here is because I found Harry's site about 4 years ago and found that I wasn't alone in thinking men get a pretty raw deal.
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Yep he is one of the best. I doubt there's very little he can't do with that brain of his. I remember sending him an e-mail once asking a couple of very simple questions - something like "How is it that so much of what you say comes true? How do you know?" and his response (on the site) was- "Think of organisms!" Freakish mind.

In all honesty I put Dr E and this site in the same company.

There truly are some amazing people in this world.

Double Jeopardy

AH has cast many a pearl of wisdom before men, all we have to do is acknowlege them and utilize them for the gift they are. The man is a HUGE icon for the mens movement to do anything other than grow within it, and as he does those of us who are wise will grow too.

Whatever his endeavors are, he has my support.


Not a problem. As long as he does some updates for his own writings I can live with this change.


Harry's awesome. From my POV, the single biggest figure in the men's movement.  :D. Finding his site was a watershed moment.
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Their slogan may as well be 'From each according to his ability, to each according to her gender" - Judge John Roberts


And they say Jesus hasn't returned, well in my opinion he's been and fooked off again! lol

Point is we need to carry on his good work and while I thinks it's nice to form a group and pay our subs etc a much simpler approach is to fire emails hither and tither to all and sundry.

Now what I would like to know is:-

Should we target an organism together or do we do our own thing?

Forget about the opposition for the moment, we need more troups so male friendly is my strategy.

Any thoughts on this?


Thoughts anyone?

I agree with AH. Theres a few tasks that need to be resolved.
What good fortune for government that people do not think."
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- Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius


Damn, First Pers Manifesto, Now AH. I used to read it when it was, or something like that.
Gentleman is a man who consciously serves women. I prefer the golden rule.

Behind every great man, is a

Women who say men won't commit, usually aren't worth committing to.


I must also agree with the rest of you. AH... we congratulate you for a job well done and may the active torch you pass, produce as much if not more what you have given us. Never let it be said that those Brits haven't taught us Americans a thing or two about liberty, justice and civil
disobedience. Thanks for all you have done




At my web site I am currently getting 2% of the traffic that Angry harry gets.  If I got 10% of Angry Harry's traffic I would consider my site well worth while.

Just a couple weeks ago AH sent me a couple tips about improving my web site. Now my plan is to try to emulate AH's web site more in order to achieve a fraction of his success.

Then all the sudden  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

I am dumfounded!!

Maybe there is someone who wants to take over the AH work for a while?

I'm just wondering if all that traffic will somehow be wasted ... or maybe I'm silly.  They will still come and read all the masses of content that AH has written so far. That makes sense.

I understand that he would become tired of it. I became tired of demonstrations with hand signs. Then I was tired of posting signs on every telephone pole. Maybe I'll become tired of the web site work eventually too?
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I really hope Harry pays a visit here soon - it would be nice for him to just get a taste of how much his untiring work has been appreciated.
For myself - he has left a void that I doubt will ever be filled - his style of writing and sheer verve is just too unique to be ever copied.


I'm very interested to know "where" Angry Harry's energy is going to be refocused.

He's been a big promoter of "men-at-screens."

Is he abandoning the 'Netspace?

A.H. --- elucidate, please!
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Sir Percy

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It seems I may have misunderstood Angry Harry's recent notice:
Dear All

I have decided to stop updating angryharry with general news items of interest to men and will now concentrate on other areas of activism.


He has updated the website on the 18th June with an item - but it is NOT a 'general news item' but rather annotating a particular piece of activism.
The upshot of this is that I would't advise editing AH's url [ ] from your bookmarks anytime soon.


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