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Started by Roy, Jun 18, 2005, 09:27 PM

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In reply to Hugo's question:

I personally worked in youth work for a number of years and still volunteer outside of work on local youth projects.

The types of projects that I worked on centred around homelessness and drugs and Alcohol, which are both majority young male problems.

My aim is to help young men and women understand destructive behaviour that they can get involved in that leads them down the road to homelessness and drug abuse.

I don't tell them how to behave or how to be a man! I just inform them about the effect that certain decisions and choices they make can have on their lives and then give them the information to protect themselves, such as responsible and safe usage of drugs and alcohol.

In my current job I am in the privileged position that I have some influence within my local Voluntary sector, this enables to put a men's rights perspective at local meetings etc that discuss where local funding should go, this has included ensuring that the local DV leaflets are gender neutral.

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I worked in a high-risk co-ed juvenile detention center. I also grew up there.

I don't work there anymore but my foster daughter who also grew up there does now.

Most of the kids there have been sexually and physically abused, they are at the highest risk to be offenders themselves, to be jailed for non-related offences or to work within the sex trade.

Granted the majority of kids that come out of there do go on to be adult offenders but a surprising amount do not, and even more surprisingly sex offences (prostitution to child molestation)  are very, very low. I believe that the success rate of the program is in great part due to the fact that individual personal responsibility is stressed alongside working together (boys and girls) in groups to disperse those feelings of prosecution that can lead to acting out.

Get your own house in order before you tell others to. Lead by example not by coercion would be the message I would send to Hugo.


Quote from: "Hugo"

I'm here, folks, and I repeat the question: what actions are you taking in your life to help young men?

Helping to refute this evil known as feminism, so that they won't be castrated by feminists - as many want to do (Martha Burk being one)

Making the work place more male friendly, so when they get there it will be easier for them to deal with and they won't have to hear shit like "All men are pigs"

Being a postive male role model for those men I know.

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"I'm here, folks, and I repeat the question: what actions are you taking in your life to help young men?"

Gee Hugo, it looks like everyone here is just too busy working on the problems caused to males by the evils of gender feminists, i.e.,


another location

The 2nd link strikes me as a terrible web site title for "young laides" to see.  What a terrible example for young girls who're trying to grow into women (unless you want them to be male vilifying gender feminists).  The title of that web site shows the problem mentioned in that article, eh?

How about you answering the question posed in the title of that article Hugo?
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I have tried to join, I doubt I will be admitted.  Some of these people are just so delusional.
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