Jerry Halls' "Kept Man" reality show

Started by Double Jeopardy, Jul 03, 2005, 05:09 PM

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Are Reality Shows real entertainment?

No, they're not, they suck
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Yes, I feel so much better after watching them, they make me feel smarter
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Double Jeopardy

Now why on earth would any guy want to subject himself to this misandry and self humiliation?


There is a whole sub-species of 'men' out there who are both ballsless and clueless...

They are not human men, and need to be re-classified.


Point and laugh...  I didn't recognize who Jerry Hall was, so I Googled.  She did an interview concerning her show and it is on the web.  OMG, she let them get away with "chick!" :D  :lol:
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Jerry Hall Seeks 'Kept' Man - Former rock chick talks about choosing a boy toy for her new reality TV show, 'Kept'

By Derrik J. Lang, Associated Press

Here's the Q & A from Page 2:
AP: Is having a kept man empowering?

Hall: It's totally empowering. The whole show is empowering. I'm divorced, financially independent. Why shouldn't I get to carry on like all the guys that have been carrying on forever? The worm has turned.

AP: At what point did you begin to have that mind-set?

Hall: Since I got a divorce, I have been dating younger guys. But it's just because they're the ones that ask me out. I suppose they're confident. I think younger guys love the idea of a divorced woman who's going to teach them how to be a man.

Fuller: It's very `Desperate Housewives.'

AP: What qualities does one look for in a kept man?

Hall: Someone who fits into my lifestyle, cool, funny, smart, good-looking, gets along well with my friends.

Fuller: Doesn't crack under pressure.

AP: And looks?

Hall: Looks good, too. Yeah, I want it all. I don't have a specific type.

Fuller: Back hair and nipple rings is probably a no-no. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Hall: I like the look of Sean Connery in James Bond. Now that is a gorgeous-looking guy!

AP: Do you consider yourself a MILF? Do you even know what that means?

Hall: No. Never heard of it. What is it?

AP: It stands for mother I'd like to, um, be friendly with. You never heard that before?

(Fuller politely explains the phrase.)

Hall: Oh. No, but we learned about cougars.

AP: What's that?

Hall: Oh my. See, now we can teach you something. Cougars are older women dating younger men. It's a book, and it's a Web site and they voted me 'Cougar of the Month.' Isn't that exciting?

AP: Yes. Congratulations. I guess Demi Moore is a cougar, but she's very serious with Ashton Kutcher. What do you think of that relationship?

Hall: I think that's ridiculous. Why be serious about anything?

Fuller: Yeah, that's not the job of a cougar. A cougar doesn't want to meet the family, doesn't want to have a baby, don't want to hang out with your friends.

AP: You don't want any of that stuff?

Fuller: Done it all.

Hall: Listen. Meet their young little friends? Listen to that horrible music? No, no, no.

AP: How real was your reality show?

Hall: There was no script. It was just (producers asking), 'What do you think the guys should do? What do you want them to learn?' It was kind of a growing, work-in-progress, which was exciting. We did it for five weeks. I had like three days off in five weeks. It was quite tiring, but it was fun.

AP: Did you grow attached to these guys?

Hall: I did. After five weeks ... the obviously flawed ones were gone. And they were just great guys, very impressive, very good at all the tasks I had them do. They had to be in a Vivienne Westwood fashion show, they had to write a poem about me, they had to paint a picture of each other nude and they were really good at these things. The last four or five were gorgeous. I couldn't make up my mind. I did ask if I could keep three and they said no. It was sad.

AP: What do you think of other reality shows?

Hall: I've seen 'The Simple Life' and I thought it was really funny and I laughed my head off. I think there's so many reality TV shows because they're not writing enough good scripts. People love them because they're real and they're funny.

Fuller: There's something engaging about reality TV even though you want to feel snobbish about them. You watch one, and it's like watching a game of football. You really get into it.

AP: What did your kids think about this show?

Hall: At first, they were a bit worried, but they thought it was funny because I was torturing all these guys. The big kids are like, 'Yeah, you go, mom. We're proud of you. You're fabulous.' The little ones just wanted me to stay home and watch cartoons with them, you know.

AP: How do you balance being a mother and a cougar?

Hall: I'm both. I love my kids and would rather be with them than anyone in the whole wide world. I have four great kids living at home. We have so much fun, but I like to go out too and have a bit of grown-up fun.

AP: Does a kept man have to baby-sit?

Hall: No, darling. I wouldn't take him around my children.

AP: What are the difficulties of being an older woman in showbiz?

Hall: I don't know. I'm definitely not into whining. Everything's going my way. Life is just getting better. I'm just lucky, I guess. I'm very happy in my skin.

AP: When have you been the most happy?

Hall: Shortly after my divorce, I got really happy.

AP: Because of your gigantic divorce settlement?

Hall: Money helps. Also, not being married to a womanizer is a lot of fun.

AP: But now aren't you a manizer?

Hall: No, I'm single. I'm independent. And I'm dating. I think if you're honest that you're dating, there's nothing wrong with that.

Fuller: Manizer? You just made that up.


I love Survivor. I have watched many of what should be obvious gender roles played out on the show and have learned from it.

I will not be ashamed regarding this addiction.

However I can't vote because even though one reality show is my favorite network show  (besides cartoons) I consider 99% of them to be trash.


Reality TV is just dirt cheap TV.

The people who go on them mostly just want to be famous and don't get paid unless they win. How good is that for the studios? Imagine if you could make a TV show like 'Friends' and only have to pay one actor? You'd be quids in! Plus, it's not as if the winner gets same ammount George Clooney got paid for doing a single episode of ER.

Personally I haven't got a problem with stuff like 'Big Brother' or the half a dozen or so shows that are anywhere near being good, but it's the sheer volume of reality shows that gets me. They're all variations on the same tired theme.

But the catch 22 is that the studios will keep making them if the public keep watching them. Vote with your remote.

Neonsamurai vote for Reality TV = BAD.
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An older woman can basically treat a man like a convienence, but an older man is expected to marry a younger woman.



Quote from: "typhonblue"

An older woman can basically treat a man like a convienence, but an older man is expected to marry a younger woman.


Well of course. The older woman is "independant" (thanks to ex's cash..) and should have an army of gigolos at her disposal but she can't ever let them get close because they could..steal her money. An older man is expected to provide for his trophy wife and by marrying her he truly "loves" her and wants to provide for her.

Conspiracy Theory

What people do with their individual lives is their  business.  If Jerry wants to doink younger men and pay for it like a John (Jane?) All the "empowerment" to her.

It's when they start applying these things to the standard of law, like VAWA, that concerns me.  This effects me and changes my life.
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Double Jeopardy

I agree, let her. And when it comes time for Mick Jagger to have the same type of show to have a harlem of cum chokers, I better not hear anyone cry the "oppressive" blues! The point IS, the double standard. I don't give a fuck if Jerry Hall has a pole to bounce on in every room of her mansion, but to ignore the double standard and how it plays out on national television, how it is accepted KNOWING the reverse would be a fucking catastrophe for womenkind and their lesbian sistas pisses me off like you read about. I mean, come on, where the fuck is Oprah with the "poor poor oppressive boys, THEY'RE BEING USED!!!" mantra? The hypocrisy of it all is unbelievable! And these guys lap it up like thirsty pups for christ sake! It is the same double standard as the older woman/young male thing, reverse the deal and the guy is still the chump. I believe it is damaging, I don't want to be a prude but I fucking sure don't believe any man should buy into the double standard and support it. On principle alone, Jerry Hall should get the same wrath of shit any man would get. Hugh Hefner has women , yup, but you can bet your ass if he talked like Jerry he would have his hands full. Why do you suppose Larry Flynt doesn't have the same status as Hugh? It has to played on the terms that women will have it, or he's fuct. He'd be Larry Flynt.

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