Marrage and geography

Started by richard ford, Jul 05, 2005, 04:06 AM

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richard ford

Marriage and geography.

Most men intend to marry at some point of their lives because we have an innate desire to continue the species. This is fortunate as western women seem to be intent on their own extinction.

The question of when to marry comes down to your choice of location. If you intend to live your life in one of the feminist countries the you will need to maintain your wife in another country.

In order to be a good father and husband it is not necessary to live within the same home permanently- it is only necessary to be able to offer stability and permanent commitment to the child.

Unfortunately no father in the feminist countries can ever do this. Fathers are sperm donors and nothing more under feminist law so no child can ever be sure of her fathers love. It follows from this that no man who intends to fulfil his destiny as a father should ever marry under feminist law. The question of when to marry becomes a purely financial one- when and how he can finance a family abroad.

Fortunately exchange rates work in the favour of men in the west. A man can marry as early or as late as he wishes because no loss of freedom is involved- he may continue to live in his own home and spend time among his own sex. He is not neglecting either his wife or his child. The wife can know that she will be supported while the child can be sure of a lifelong relationship with his or her father. In fact the child can be more sure of their fathers presence than any child in the feminist world because it is in the mothers interest to allow access. In the west it is always in the interest in the mother to destroy the family.

Men. If you value the family have nothing to do with western women!

If you love your child make sure you are not married under feminist law. You will lose your child.

If you love the mother of your child- do not marry her! This is the surest road to divorce!


Although I DO agree that it is most certainly NOT a 'man's' world, but I think your sweeping generalizations are just a bit on the extreme side.

Not ALL western women are this way......

The Man On The Street is on the street for a reason.......
It's not illegal to be male.....yet.

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