Experiments in power (part two)

Started by richard ford, Jul 05, 2005, 02:12 PM

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richard ford

Experiments in power- Part two.

The sex issue.

Why is it that men are the ones that 'get' sex while women are the ones that 'give' it? One would assume from this that women enjoy sex les than men or not at all when I think it is the other way around. A man will have the same small orgasm with a woman that he has on his own- very nice in its way but nothing like the screaming multiple orgasms that women have. These leave the woman unable to stand, unable to focus her eyes or (sometimes) unable to talk. I am fairly sure that even women who masturbate regularly do not achieve the same intensity on their own.

Why is it then that women have been able to turn sex to their own advantage so easily? Why do we chase this second rate experience and value it so highly? Whenever we look at the way that men and women interact we find that women gain more from the deal than men- and yet women are able to offer themselves as a prize as if the opposite were the case.

When a man and a woman talk casually- who gains most? The woman. She will usually talk about herself and receive compliments while the man gets only the pleasure of giving attention. He feels good when he makes her laugh or when he interests her but he does not receive anything from her directly. Furthermore she has the right to terminate the conversation at any time should the man fail to entertain her- he is rather like a stand up comic who is always waiting for the bell that tells him he has lost his audience. This is clearly an unequal relationship but one that men pursue more than women. Why?

Later on- if he is successful- he will take her to a movie (that she chooses) and pay for the privilege. He will take her to her door and thank her for the privilege of her company. If he is given the opportunity to pay for it all again he will be grateful. Why?

At every point in the courtship ritual we see the same thing. Women receive while men give- yet men are more grateful of the chance to give than women are of the opportunity to receive.

This would seem to be an impossible situation and one that needs to be explained. Women have been able to use their relative unsuitability for many jobs outside of the home as a weapon against men at work. If a job involves long hours then this becomes a problem that must be solved for the benefit of women (heaven forbid that they should be asked to do an honest days work). The job introduced 'family friendly' hours 'affirmative action' and gradually men are driven out of the very workplace they so generously invited women into in the first place.

Just as a Great White shark will signal its intention to attack by certain behaviours, a woman will signal her intention to attack by claiming weakness and asking her victim for assistance. This help will be followed by an assault so ruthless and undeserved that it is hardly possible to believe a human capable of such cruelty- yet it occurs every day and is ignored simply because it is so common. In the workplace we see the chivalrous man destroyed by claims of sexual harassment. In relationships we find a mans natural desire to please a woman sexually used as a lever to destroy him.

Let me give you an example. A man enjoys pleasing a woman but this does not make him a natural slave- yet a woman will use this 'weakness' against him simply for the pleasure of inflicting pain. She will act as if she is unhappy simply to watch him jump through hoops trying to please her or work out what he has done wrong. Naturally she will do nothing to enlighten him as she is enjoying the sport far too much and will throw in some sulking and vague accusations to increase his discomfort.

A woman will use the very fact that she needs a man more than a man needs her as a weapon with which to punish and control men. Men are attracted to women who make them feel like men- in other words women who need protection. In this way the weakness of the woman's position becomes her strength and her licence to abuse- for how could she survive in a hostile world without us?

A similar thing happens on the date. Women seem to have so many complex needs that it seems best to defer to them at every point. A man can be happy with most things but a woman seems to need everything just so- and she gets it because her capacity for contentment is so much less than our own.

The same thing applies in bed. Men can achieve orgasm so easily and quickly that we devalue our own pleasure and worship at the alter of the female orgasm. Her weakness and spiritual poverty once again become her strength.

The problem with owning slaves or living off the labour of men is that one becomes used to the good life and unused to hard labour. The slave owner has three choices. She may take the route of Sparta and wage permanent war against the entire world. This is the choice of the feminist who is supported by men and produces nothing but nevertheless works as hard at maintaining her power by crushing others as a man does on earning an honest days pay.

The second choice is to milk the situation for what it is worth and become decadent. Eventually the slave owner or wife will lose her power because luxury is hard to hide. She will always live in fear and denial.

The third option is to do an honest days work and free your slaves. This is the choice of the women who support MRA's. It is rare but becoming more common.

The greatest fear that women have is that men will understand their basic trickery. Once you understand the basic bait and switch you are no longer controlled.

You are every feminists nightmare.

Go forth my friend. The world is yours.

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