Experiments in power (part three)

Started by richard ford, Jul 05, 2005, 03:10 PM

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richard ford

Experiments in power- part three.

The Ego.

Women are masters at using a mans ego against him. When you find yourself fixing a woman's car for nothing then it is probably your ego rather than your sex drive that you should blame.

Women love to put men down for the size of our egos and for our sex drives even as they use these convenient weaknesses against us. The more they can run us down the greater the emotional rush we feel when we are told that we are OK and lovable again. Relying upon women to make us feel good is rather like relying upon a drug dealer for the same thing. Neither of them are interested in making us more self reliant and therefore doing themselves out of a job.

A man without an ego is hard to control. He is not easily flattered or punished with contempt. He will tend to go his own way and is generally respected more than people who need respect.

A man with his ego under control should not be confused with a man with a poor self image or a humble man. If fact a man with a small ego will generally have a good image of himself without being aware of it particularly- the opinions of those around him do not matter much to him anyway.

Most of the time when men think they are chasing pussy they are chasing approval from women- a very weak and dangerous position to place yourself in. Women have very little to offer men in bed apart from the possibility of children (the only gift they are truly capable of giving). Men can achieve orgasm with such ease that we do not have go through the difficult and expensive process of courtship to gain it. Quite honestly, we can do the job better ourselves.

A man who can stand before a woman and be indifferent to her approval of him is a rare thing indeed. I cannot say that I have reached this point yet but I am nearer this point than any of the men I know- and as a result of this I can deal with women from a greater position of strength than any man I know.
Responding to ego rewards and punishments from women is rather like rewarding a workplace bully. You will only make her bullying worse and make her respect you less. The only true defence is indifference- not feigned but real. Only this will get her off your case.

Sometimes women will sense your indifference and test you in various ways. They will increase the volume of their contempt or flatter you outrageously. You may be tempted to believe that by strength of character you have broken thorough her bullshit and found the real woman. You may think she respects you in real life because you are the only man to call her on your bullshit. This is your ego speaking- do not listen. No woman really respects a man. Men exist to do her bidding but they do not exist with feelings or legitimate desires like her own. This is the way men have trained her to feel by pandering to her every desire since she was a babe in arms. The most any man can ever expect from a woman is curiosity. This is what a woman feels for a man she cannot control and this will last only until she succeeds. This is why women like 'bad boys'. They are a challenge- more interesting than other men because other men are so very easy to control.

When you have overcome your ego then you will be interesting to women for this very reason. I have seen this myself but really cannot be bothered by any of them any more. I no longer care if they live or die.

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