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Quote from: "gazpacho"
Feminists first question your motives for saying what you're saying. You must be a misogynist pussy who fears the awesome power of woman, being greater than the puny power of man. This is grounds to ridicule you, even though feminists argue that weak women's fear of powerful men is perfectly legitimate and deserving of sympathy.

Then they might suggest that you probably just can't get laid or you "have issues" as though this somehow contradicts the factual basis of your argument.

Then they'll just say, "Nuh-uh...you're wrong. Rape is horrible and happens all the time."

But goddamn, Hugo's using that damn "fear" argument again. When Orson Wells broadcast The War of the Worlds on the radio, many people were afraid of Martians. People in Salem, Massachussetts during a certain period of history were terrified of witches.

More to the point...I once saw the movie "Signs" (I know, it was crap) with my girlfriend. It was a nice night out, and as we walked into the theatre, we were both in a very good mood. When we left after the movie, she was holding my arm tightly and saying how scared she was, and how she was jumping at shadows.

Was she afraid because there was some legitimate reason for her to be afraid, or because she had been exposed to something unreal which she found frightening?

Yes, rape really happens sometimes. So does murder. So do car accidents. Let's imagine a metropolitan woman who drives to and from work every day. That woman is more likely to be in a serious car crash than she is to be raped. But I'll bet she's afraid of rape and not of death or disfigurement by car accident. Why is that?

Propaganda, perhaps?

Nah. History has shown us time and time again the complete ineffectiveness of propaganda.

Hasn't it?...

Written on a different forum in response to Gonzo's post found here http://www.standyourground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=64627&highlight=#64627


Quote from: "Richard III"
"Why do you say that rape of a male is worse than rape of a female?"


Well, for starters, the possibility of contracting AIDS is greater in a prison population than it would be for an assault in general society. The population is closed, so the infection rate is likely to be higher.

Also, the nature of the rape is such that it is emasculating, a penetrative homosexual rape that psychologically devastates the victim. And, of course, we're talking sodomy, which is in itself a traumatically painful, potentially fatal experience--esp. if the perpetrator is massively endowed.


But to explain the major difference between rape in prison and male-on-female rape requires a little gender role reversal--an exercise females in this society, undoubtedly through upbringing, are woefully bad at. Rocks, I hope you're up to it.

Imagine a prison system where men and women are integrated. (An analogy with dykes with strap-ons is a bit tortured.) There is no particular protection for either men or women from inmate perpetrated violence. Your cellmate is as likely to be a member of the opposite sex as your own. The only restriction the authorities put on sexual activity is that mustn't result in pregnancy.

So it's your first night as a new fish, your cellmate a male. You're anally raped till your well-hung assailant is completely satisfied. (If you resisted, you were beaten to the point of hospitalization and/or disfigurement. You won't report it because the authorities are indifferent, and snitches don't live long.) In the morning you are ready to begin your sentence as your rapist's bitch. During the term of your incarceration, he pimps you out during the day, everyday, to both male and dildo-bearing bull dykes, while he himself takes you at his leisure, day or night. Sure, your ass is always sore, but consider yourself lucky: the fish in the cell next to yours gets GANG-RAPED nearly daily.

Psychologically you're wreck but if you can just make it to parole....

Now let's stipulate that society has the same expectations of you as it would a man. Most notably there are no well-financed support groups for you to mentally and emotionally recover from your ordeal. Your sexuality may have been permanently damaged. Like a man, you are blamed and shamed for whatever happened to you; you live in silent fear that someone might discover that you've been raped. If so, there will be no commiseration just accusation:--"You whore!" "You lesbian!"--so your silence is survival.

Your plight is joked about on Jay Leno.


See the difference now? On the one hand, you have a rape that was over in minutes. You got support, sympathy, and if the perp was caught, retribution. On the other hand, you had to live, sometimes for years with your rapist; maybe you got gang-raped nearly daily for years. Without any kind of safety net, all you have to show for it is nightmare at best, or AIDS at worst

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