RADAR ALERT: Shock and Awe Week 4: House Crime SubCommittee

Started by RADAR, Jul 24, 2005, 05:20 PM

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RADAR ALERT: Shock and Awe Week 4: House Judiciary SubCommittee on Crime

Last Tuesday, July 19th, the Senate Judiciary Committee held "hearings" on the bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act which left them no better informed about the truth of VAWA. A transcript of the testimony can be seen at: http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearing.cfm?id=1570.

Now we turn our focus to the House Judiciary SubCommittee on Crime.  This week we're asking you to contact members of that committee to inform them of the facts on VAWA.


Please do the following right away:

  • Write a short letter something like this.  You can modify it to reflect your own thoughts, but be sure to keep it respectful.  Hostility or extreme analogies like comparisons to Nazis will only make it harder for our viewpoint to be heard.

    The Honorable __________________________________
    FAX no: __________________________________
    Subject: H.R. 2876 - Violence Against Women Act
    Position: Provide equal funding for organizations focused on helping male victims

    Dear Representative __________________________________:

    I'm writing about major problems with H.R. 2876, the Violence Against Women Act.  According to the Department of Justice, men constitute 36% of domestic violence victims annually.  But despite claims to the contrary, VAWA-funded programs deny services to those 835,000 American men and their children.

    Before the House votes on VAWA, the bill must be fixed to guarantee that all victims are helped, regardless of gender.  It is unacceptable to require victimized men and children to seek help from organizations whose decade-long track record clearly demonstrates their lack of sympathy for, or even outright hostility to the needs of these victims.

    Please make VAWA non-discriminatory by adding the following language:

    "Nothing in this statute shall be construed as prohibiting funding for programs focused on or serving male victims of domestic violence. Male victims shall be considered an underserved population."

    Thank you for your attention and help.


       Your name
       Your address
       Your phone number

  • Below are names and fax numbers for the members of the House Judiciary SubCommittee on Crime.  For each member, edit a unique copy of the letter to include his or her name and fax no.  Then fax that copy to the committee member.

  • If you do not have access to a fax machine, telephone the Representative's L.A. (Legislative Assistant) who is responsible for VAWA – the receptionist can tell you which L.A. is assigned to VAWA.  Speak to the L.A. and tell him or her the facts in this letter.  And remember, our chances of getting them to understand the need for a non-discriminatory law will only be harmed by angry or extreme language.
    Remember, Congress will recess at the end of this week.  Fax your letter today!

    Members of the House Judiciary SubCommittee on Crime

    Howard Coble, Chariman ((R-North Carolina), Fax: 202/225-8611, Voice: 202/225-3065
    Dan Lungren ((R-California), Fax: 202/226-1298, Voice: 202/225-5716
    Tom Feeney ((R-Florida), Fax: 202/226-6299, Voice: 202/225-2706
    Steve Chabot ((R-Ohio), Fax: 202/225-3012, Voice: 202/225-2216
    Ric Keller ((R-Florida), Fax: 202/225-0999, Voice: 202/225-2176
    Jeff Flake ((R-Arizona), Fax: 202/226-4386, Voice: 202/225-2635
    Mike Pence ((R-Indiana), Fax: 202/225-3382, Voice: 202/225-3021
    Randy Forbes ((R-Virginia), Fax: 202/226-1170, Voice: 202/225-6365
    Louie Gohmert ((R-Texas), Fax: 202/225-5866, Voice: 202/225-3035
    Bobby Scott, Ranking Democrat ((D-Florida), Fax: 202/225-8354, Voice: 202/225-8351
    Sheila Jackson Lee ((D-Texas), Fax: 202/225-3317, Voice: 202/225-3816
    Maxine Waters ((D-California), Fax: 202/225-7854, Voice: 202/225-2201
    Marty Meehan ((D-Massachusetts), Fax: 202/226-0771, Voice: 202/225-3411
    William Delahunt ((D-Massachusetts), Fax: 202/225-5658, Voice: 202/225-3111
    Anthony Weiner ((D-New York), Fax: 202/226-7253, Voice: 202/225-6616


    News Flash!  A major critique of the Violence Against Women Act, written by Dr. Stephen Baskerville, is appearing in the July 25 issue of The American Conservative.  As soon as it is available online, we will post the article's URL at http://www.mediaradar.org/baskerville0725.php.  We encourage you to distribute this article to your conservative elected officials and others as appropriate.

    Date of RADAR Release: July 24, 2005

    To track the current status of VAWA, go to http://thomas.loc.gov and enter the bill number: Senate bill S. 1197; House of Representatives bill H.R. 2876.

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    Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting (RADAR) is a coalition of men and women working to assure media balance and accuracy in coverage of the domestic violence issue.


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